Harmonizing sanskars

Baba says, ‘you are sowing seeds of love of the Godly family in the world‘. God’s love brings about transformation.

At the end of the cycle, I came to Baba with zero self-respect and a complete lack of belonging. He embraced me and reminded me of who I am and that I belonged to Him. You are My child, you belong to Me, He said. His love is the alchemy that heals the deepest of wounds and mends the broken heart. His love is the life-force that uplifts and empowers, makes the impossible…possible. His love melts even the toughest critics and makes them believe again.

You are sowing the seeds of God’s love in the world and tying everyone together in the thread of love, He says. Love cannot only exist where there is purity and unity.

Purity means purity in one’s thoughts, nature and sanskars. For instance, if I have thoughts of jealousy or dislike for another, that is not purity. There has to be honesty and cleanliness in the thoughts that are created in your mind, He says, let there be no rubbish of any vice within. When I have such cleanliness, I will be honest and when I am honest, I will be loved by everyone.

Even if there isn’t harmony between the nature and sanskars of some, as an instrument of world unity, it is my duty to try and bring them into harmony.  This is unity.  A gathering by itself is not unity, He reminds me. Sometimes, we confuse unity for uniformity- they are different things. Unity means the coming together of diverse perspectives, of diverse personalities. Baba is not asking me to make others look and sound and speak and behave like me. The goal is unity, not uniformity. And unity is based on the purity of heart- of being able to see the sameness beyond the differences. If someone is lacking purity, he would, therefore, also be lacking in unity.

Baba also gives the example of the rosary. Whenever you prepare a rosary, each bead is connected to the next bead. You have to become an instrument to make everyone feel that they are like beads threaded in a rosary, He says, while having a variety of sanskars, closeness must be visible. To know the sanskars of one another and to remain in harmony with one another while giving love to one another, is the specialty of the beads of a rosary.

For this, become detached and loving like a Lotus flower, He advises.

Check, He says, if your stage is still based on praise. Is there a desire for fruit whenever you do something? In other words, when there is praise, I am happy and when there is defamation, which is inevitable, my stage collapses. I feel like an orphan, separated from the Father and then, again, conflict of sanskars begins. This dependence on praise takes you out of the rosary, He says. Instead, do any task with a lot of love and sincerity and then, become detached from it. Similarly, when you have an idea for something, offer it with love and authority, then become detached. Then, irrespective of whether the idea or the task was received well or not, your stage will be unaffected and there will not be conflict, He teaches.

Something else I need: humility. Where there is love, there is humility. In fact, one of the ways love expresses itself is through humility. The more humility there is, the more success there is. Humility comes from considering yourself to be an instrument. Everyone bows down to the virtue of humility. Everyone bows down to those who bow down themselves, says Baba. Where there is humility, there cannot be conflict. There will naturally be harmony of sanskars.

Love means to harmonize sanskars with other souls. Love is on the basis of the harmony of sanskars. When the sanskars are not in harmony, it will not be possible to love someone no matter how much you try, says Baba. He is able to harmonize sanskars with so many souls and becomes loved by all. I am His child. Let me learn to dance too.

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