Don’t forget the days of your (spiritual) childhood

Baba says, ‘don’t forget the days of your childhood‘. When you do, you cry.

There are three kinds of childhood, says Baba. One is the worldly childhood when I take birth to my physical parents, the second is the childhood of the path of isolation, that is when someone leaves their home and families, dies alive and belong to a guru or a sanyasi. He is not their father, they simply belong to a guru and live with him. The third is this wonderful birth at the confluence age where I die alive from the old world and belong to the Spiritual Father and Mother, where I take spiritual birth in God’s lap.

I was estranged from the True, Eternal Father for a long, long time. I have found Him now. And so the Father says: don’t forget this childhood. For this, I really need to know the Father accurately as He is and accept Him.

When people debate the Gita, they say: ‘Salutations to the deity Brahma, salutations to the deity Vishnu’ an then they say, ‘Salutations to the Supreme Soul, Shiva’. On the one hand people say that the Supreme Soul, God, is beyond name and form and yet, they praise Him by name. He alone is the Creator, the Purifier and the knowledge-full One and so Baba asks: ‘how can I be omnipresent?’. If I were in everyone, then how did you become impure? also, why would you need to call out to Me? He is also known as the Guide. When one goes to a new place, they take a guide with them to show them around. There are guides who take people on pilgrimages too. If the Father is called the Guide, He must definitely have guided everyone and so, again, how could He be omnipresent?

His birth is celebrated in Bharat as Shivratri. So surely, He must have come and done something for which He is remembered. Praise is sung of those who did something in the past. The Father is called the Creator of the new world, He is the Liberator, the Merciful One, the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. His praise is based on His acts. Again, how could He then be omnipresent?

People ask: if ShivBaba is God, what are His divine activities? He simply says: I take the support of an old body (of Brahma Baba) and show you the path to become pure from impure. I come to teach you children Rajayoga and so what is the need for divine activities in that? I teach you to be righteous and and make you into sovereigns. Right now, you are living by the systems and customs of the land of sorrow. I now teach you the systems and customs of the land of happiness.

The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone! We are now going back home, you will then come into a new world.

But, there are some who question the reality of the new world, of heaven. They say: ‘we don’t believe there can be heaven on earth, that there can be a world that is completely pure and prosperous. That is just a figment of your imagination..’. Baba says, until you recognize Who is teaching you, it will be impossible to understand and accept anything else.

No one knows the Father, He says. At this time, when you die alive from the old world and belong to the Father, you receive a third eye of knowledge. Then the soul says: ‘Baba, I have now remembered’.

But Maya makes me forget again and again when I am not careful. ‘Don’t waste your valuable time of this confluence age‘, cautions Baba. When I fall into the wrong company, when I allow myself to see/hear things of the old world, when I fall into the trap of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, then I spend time hustling for a place in an old, impure, broken world without realizing the fallacy in it.

Baba says: wake up early in the morning and talk to the Father. Spend time in solitude throughout the day. The only way to really get to know someone is to spend time with them, speak to them, observe them. Baba is my Father, Teacher and Satguru. He is also my Friend, my Beloved and Companion. Let me relate to Him and get to know Him.

Once a child recognizes it’s parents, it trusts them implicitly. It doesn’t suffer from doubts, or question whether what they are saying is true or not. It simply follows- not blindly but because it trusts – they are my parents, they could do me no harm, they cherish me. But the key is that first step of recognition and acceptance.

I was an orphan for a long time, looking for identity and belonging. I was stumbling looking for peace and happiness. I have now found my true, spiritual Father and Mother and with that, identity and belonging. He is giving me my lost inheritance of sovereignty. Let me not make the mistake of wandering off again into the old world and forgetting this new birth, this childhood. Let me not die alive from the Father, let me die alive from the old world.

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