Follow father

Baba says, ‘follow Father‘. Instead of looking at many others, only look at one and follow the one alone.

Following is easy, it frees you from the expansion of ‘what should I do?’, ‘How should I do this?’, ‘should I do it like this or like that?’. The answer to all questions is just one: follow the Father.

In the corporeal, Brahma Baba became the example, the instrument to teach us how to perform actions in the corporeal form – in becoming free from the bondage of actions, in fulfilling responsibility through actions, in remaining stable in the bodiless stage while in a body, in becoming free from the bondages of the body, in the stage of remaining absorbed and lost in love, in using every penny in a worthwhile way, Brahma Baba became an example in practical life. He was the soul who was tied in the bondage of karma (action) and became the example of becoming karmateet– the one beyond bondage.

It is easy to follow a practical life, says Baba. Simply follow the example of Father Brahma.

People today ask computers for answers to all their questions because they believe that a computer is more accurate than the human intellect. They believe the creation to be more accurate than the creator. However, for you, the life of Brahma is the accurate computer. So instead of asking ‘why?’ or ‘how?’, look at the computer of life, He says, and the questions of ‘what?’ and ‘how?’ will change into ‘like this’. Instead of being someone with questions, instantly, you will transform into one with all the answers- satisfied and content.

When I come to Baba, Maya puts up her best fight- there are strings of attachment, of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ that pull me toward them. It’s like the herbal medicines, says Baba. When I take it, all the illness emerges first before it leaves me for good. I come face-to-face with my own darkness, the prejudices, the dependencies, the fears etc. But don’t become afraid of that, says Baba, don’t have heart-failure. Storms WILL come, Maya WILL harass you a great deal and this boxing match with her will continue till the very last day. The solution is not asking for mercy, He says, ‘there is no question of mercy in this, you have to follow Shrimat’.

Father Brahma who was also a student of God, took all of the Shrimat onboard 200% and followed it. He became God’s #1 helper and His child. He thus became an example for the rest of us to follow. He teaches us to do the same: as soon as you receive a direction from the Father, accept it without any further thoughts.

In other words, Father Brahma followed the incorporeal Father accurately and became the first angel. I am twice as lucky and fortunate though! I have two Fathers I can follow! The Incorporeal One and the angelic one.

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