Sense and essence

Baba says, ‘with the balance of sense and essence, become a world transformer‘.

Sense means the points of knowledge which are understanding and wisdom, explains Baba. Essence means being an embodiment of the knowledge, of remembrance and all the spiritual powers.

Together with senseessence is also needed, He says.

Most times though, when I come into contact with others or interact with them, whether with family or colleagues, there is more sense than essence. The sign of this is that I begin to debate – ‘this is what should happen’, ‘this is right, that is wrong’, ‘shrimat says…’ . When I also have essence, I am able to put all the details of the points of knowledge into my practical life rather than into debate. I am able to do this because I am an embodiment of remembrance and remembrance gives me power. When I apply the points, I gain experience and one who has experience does not feel the need to debate….they know. All discussions and expansions finish.

When I only have sense, I lack the experience and so I try to compensate by trying to prove my smarts. My thoughts, words and actions are wasted on unnecessary and very superficial things. I will speak a lot. I will see and listen to anything and everything because I’m easily impressed, I am more keen on the idea, the points, the delivery. In my interactions, I am unable to see the bigger picture, unable to sense where the other person is coming from, what they might be going through etc. Again, I stay on the surface – am more interested in being ‘right’, in ‘winning’ an argument, in being the ‘smarter’ person. I don’t have the power to reconcile or sacrifice my ego – my need to be right, to win- for the greater good, for the relationship. There is no love.

When you maintain the balance of sense and essence, you will be easy-natured, He says. You will be simple and a sample. You will be able to sacrifice at every second. You will be able to sacrifice your thoughts for service, sacrifice your words for world benefit and sacrifice your actions for world transformation. You will then be able to sacrifice the consciousness of anything belonging to you; you will be able to sacrifice everything old and only the Father and service will remain. Surrender everything, He says, including the consciousness of your own body, and your vibrations will then be able to transform the atmosphere within a second.

Essence is like a fragrance, He says. A rose that has so much fragrance is able to attract people from a distance to itself. Even those that weren’t paying attention turn in that direction and look for the source. In the same way, when I am essence-full, I radiate spirituality. I too am then able to attract souls from a distance with my calm, my confidence, my peacefulness, my contentment, my power. They don’t know me but they can’t help but experience a difference in the way they feel. They feel peaceful and calm, they forget their worries and find strength that things will be better.

Check, He says, if you have more sense, or do you remain more in the essence? Those who are just sensible are not able to become images of success to such an extent. They leave an impression, but it doesn’t always last, He says. The fragrance of those who remain in the essence lasts longer. Their impression lasts forever.

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