The ascending stage

Baba says, ‘you have now found the Satguru to take you into the ascending stage‘. There is benefit for everyone due to the ascending stage. 

It is only in this short confluence age where there is the ascending stage. Until now, we were descending down the ladder from our original purity, righteousness, harmony. We descended and the world descended with us – heaven became hell. Now, God comes to take me back into an ascending stage where I once again reclaim my original purity and sovereignty. And when that happens, the world also ascends to being heaven once again.

Needless to say then, the stakes are pretty high! The ascending stage depends upon me. The whole world is immersed in sorrow and suffering and souls are calling out for liberation. That, however, depends on me attaining liberation-in-life. For it is only when I myself am liberated that I am able to show others the way.

When I have the awareness of this immense responsibility…then, carelessness and laziness which often delays progress, will finish. They often show up in two ways:

First: Instead of using the points of knowledge accurately or the methods that I receive from Baba accurately, I misuse them. I take them out of context and just hold on to the words. So, when it comes to overcoming a certain sanskar, rather than work on paying attention and employing the tools, I latch on words Baba spoke in a different context and say: ‘Baba, You said that Maya is very powerful! She doesn’t even leave Father Brahma alone. Maya even attacks maharathis (great warriors). As Maya doesn’t leave Father Brahma or the maharathis alone, it is understood that we will be defeated when she comes to us! This will happen; it will continue to happen until the end’. So like in bhakti, where I settled into thinking of myself as a powerless being at the mercy of the deities, thereby ridding myself of any self-accountability, I do the same here. And so just like in bhakti, I don’t ascend. I come to a standstill in my efforts.

Baba asks: Do you have the courage to claim the kingdom?

Everyone wants to be a sovereign, nothing less, but you don’t want to make the effort, He says. I want a ready-made stage, rather than do the work to create my own stage by making effort. I forget that that’s how I become a sovereign, by putting in the work because that’s what gives me experience and power. The real meaning of being a maharathi, Baba reminds me, is to show ‘the greatness of a maharathi’, the courage to face and win against the enemy. Instead, I find an excuse to settle into mediocrity. Due to this, the awareness of an effort-making life and the power of the Father’s company that is needed at every step are not there in a practical way. I don’t want to make effort, and yet I want to go across with the Father’s help! I remember a lot more what Baba promised He would do but conveniently forget what I have to do, and, because of this, I am not able to use the methods that Baba has shown me.

Second: When I come face to face with my own darkness, my biases…most of which I didn’t even know I had, I plunge into shame and reject myself. This helps no one. Again, as in bhakti, I think of myself as the worst person in the world, the biggest sinner etc. etc. and then settle in that swamp convincing myself that I am no good. I give away my power and my sense to Maya and retire. This again brings my efforts to a standstill. I even complain to God as in bhakti: ‘Baba, I am fed up, why did I have to come into this cycle? When can I be liberated and go into the new world?’

The Father says: You have to know the beginning, middle and end of the story. If a human being doesn’t know this, then he is an atheist.

Rather than complain, let me do the work of remembering my true self, my original self. Let me have the awareness to spin the discuss of self-realization and look at my whole story rather than falsely judge based on a last few isolated scenes of the Drama.

Don’t become influenced by your old nature, He cautions, let your stage be ascending in your thoughts, words, deeds, connections and relationships, because this is now the time to ascend. Let every second be one in which your stage ascends from where it was the previous second, He says. This is the work that guarantees my transformation, that guarantees the ushering of the new world.

If I am still the same as I was two months ago, then am I making progress? Baba is teaching me something new about me every single day, let me listen, let me realize, let me put into practice. This is how I move forward and when I do, I am able to enable others to move forward also through my attitude and behavior. In some cases, it might be that others feel the courage and inspiration to take steps in their own journey they hadn’t so far. In others, it might be that my transformation of letting go of my selfishness – the expecting, desiring and possessing – affords others the space to find their own self.

The ascending stage means to constantly keep moving ahead. The task of this spiritual life is to move forward and to enable others to move forward. Baba says, there is benefit for everyone in your ascending stage.

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