God is One and He is incorporeal

Baba says, ‘children, all your sorrow will be removed; simply consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father‘. There is no need for more questions.

The purpose of my spiritual study is to realize the self. In worldly education, there are many different subjects but here, I take this one topic of the self and go deeper and deeper into it, pealing away the layers and touching base with the truth.

A soul is a point of light. It is the soul that has good and bad sanskars and it is therefore the soul that receives the fruit of action (karma). I now have this knowledge. Before, I was body conscious and therefore was caught up in its expansion- name, appearance, gender, nationality, status, title, etc. I have now received God realization and self-realization from the Supreme Soul. Until I understand myself and my Father, I will not really understand anything else. There will be endless questions.

First of all, have faith in one thing, He says. Have faith that you are an imperishable soul and in the One that is teaching you.

All human beings are body conscious and impure and impure beings cannot be called God. Therefore, no human being, no bodily being can be called God. Because people are impure, they call out to the Purifier. He must therefore definitely be pure. In fact, He never becomes impure. Only the Father comes and purifies the impure. Because of thinking that human beings can be God, different religions refer to different human beings as God. And now, in the impure iron age, there are also many who refer to themselves as gods. But there is only One God, He is incorporeal.

I, the soul shed one body and take on another. I go through the cycle of birth and death. About half way through the cycle, I start to forget who I am and Whom I belong to. I think of myself as a body and become misaligned with my truth. This is when I start my search for God. He is Incorporeal and His name is Shiv. Only He remains beyond this cycle of birth and death. He takes a divine and unique birth. He, Himself, explains: I enter an ordinary old body which is called the Lucky Chariot. He creates creation through Brahma. This is why a human being is named Brahma. From being corporeal Brahma, he becomes a pure, subtle angel through this study. The Father comes to purify the impure. Therefore, He would definitely come into the impure world in an impure body.

Because He is beyond the cycle of rebirth, He is constantly in realization. He never forgets Himself, me or the story of this world. When He comes at this auspicious confluence age, He gives me the knowledge.

By understanding Me from Me you will come to understand everything‘, He says. First of all, understand Alpha. Remember Me! I am the Almighty Authority, the Purifier. I am the Bestower of the Knowledge of the Gita and the Ocean of Knowledge. These words are from the Gita. The difference is: people say that they are versions of Krishna whereas I now know that these are versions spoken by incorporeal God Shiva at this time, in the confluence age. Because of believing a human being to be God, people have become confused and mired in disagreement about who it is…based on religion, beliefs, scripture.

Human beings have become totally body conscious. Human beings explain to human beings but no one has the knowledge of who they are, no one has the knowledge of the soul. This is why it is said that you first have to know the soul. The Father says: Now become soul conscious! Consider yourself to be a soul and then listen to Me. It is the soul that listens and there has to be the Supreme Soul who explains to the soul.

Realize the self. The soul itself asks: How can I realize the soul? No one knows that a whole part is recorded in a soul. I, the soul, am an actor. I come to this physical world to play my part in the unlimited Drama. My whole part is recorded within me that I play out. None of the sages or sannyasis can explain this to me. The Father has to come Himself and make me realize my self. He teaches me to remember and spin the discus of self-realization. I see my whole part through the cycle.

The Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul and listen to Me, the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. This conversation can only take place when souls meet the Supreme Soul. The world doesn’t know when the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes or how He comes and explains. Because of not knowing this, there are conflicting opinions based on many scriptures. The Father says: You are not able to realize Me or yourself from any of those. They even say that the soul is the Supreme Soul! By saying that, you lose your inheritance, He says. Also, Who would then make you pure from impure? Who could then give you the knowledge of the soul or the Supreme Soul.

This is why it is said that the souls who don’t know their Father are atheists. It is not that those who don’t perform devotion are atheists. The God of all is One and all souls are brothers. The Supreme Soul is the Father of all.

The Father has explained: Have the faith that you are a soul and connect your intellect in yoga to the Father. Remember Me and you will become pure and receive your inheritance of heaven. Your sins will be absolved and you will become conquerors of sinful actions. This is a guarantee.

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