Charity begins at home

Baba says, ‘charity begins at home‘. You first of all have to make effort to become soul conscious and then tell others.

To remain content and to make others content is a specialty. But the first and main thing, Baba says, is to check myself with honesty while keeping the Father in front of me: am I content with myself? am I content with my own nature and sanskars? If I am not, then others will also not experience contentment from me.

Charity begins at home, says Baba.

Throughout the day, I have many interactions with souls each on their own journeys, working through their own sanskars. They will say and do things that I disagree with, that may be rude, even insulting. But if I allow myself to be disturbed by them, then I am not really a contented soul. Not to be disturbed and not to disturb others is called contentment. Have I learnt to keep myself distant and safe from the heat of an unwanted fire?  I cannot prevent someone from lighting a fire perhaps but I can keep myself safe, I can ensure I don’t add fuel into the fire and make it larger.

Baba says, don’t look at others. Look at yourself. What do I have to do?  I have to be an instrument and give others the co-operation of good wishes and pure feelings. 

But most of the time, we complain to Baba: ‘but he started it…’, ‘but she said the kinds of things that were just too much’ or ‘they too have the knowledge. So how come only I have to change! Let them change this time around…I’m tired of being the one to give in always!’ I am constantly trying to prove my ‘rightness’ and others’ wrongness. That, of course, is not the point. This is not a contest nor a court of law. The souls I am complaining about are my own brothers, they are also part of the same world family, children of the same Father – whether they have the knowledge or not.

Do I have this unlimited attitude? Because that’s what it all comes down to: attitude. The very basis of purity is the attitude of the awareness of brotherhood. So, to what extent have I created this awareness? Charity begins at home

God Himself teaches me everyday. He has reminded me of who I am, of my elevated destiny. I am not an ordinary soul, I am a Brahmin soul, I am a powerful soul. I am an image of support to the world. I am one that has a direct relationship with the Seed, the Source, the Powerhouse. It is only at this time, at this auspicious confluence age that I am reminded of this fortune. Let me spin the discus of self-realization throughout the day and see myself, realize my elevated part of the present time of being a world server.

Charity begins at home…let me step into my elevated destiny so that I am able to serve the world.

No matter how impolite/rude/disagreeable a soul may be, I, the Brahmin soul, always have benevolent feelings towards them as opposed to feelings of dislike. I, the Brahmin soul, feel mercy, not bossiness. It doesn’t matter if the other soul is also a Brahmin. Again, Baba reminds me that what others do is not my problem. What do I need to do?

Sometimes, it is not other souls, we are discontent on our journey because we come under the influence of our own physical senses. My eyes, especially, see things that trigger a chain of unworthy or waste thoughts. If my senses control my thoughts and feelings, then it is going to be hard for me to serve. I am so caught up in my own attractions of the old world that I cannot be of use to Baba. Charity begins at home

First of all, says Baba, do the service of making your home, that is, your body, pure and then you can do unlimited service. So, first of all, ask yourself: have I made the home of my body pure? Have I made my thoughts, intellect, eyes and mouth spiritual and pure? On special occasions, people clean every corner of the home and pay attention that no corner is let uncleaned. At this auspicious time of the confluence, Baba asks, have you cleansed every physical organ and lit the lamp of the soul for all time? Because now is the only time I know that I have to do it, and can do it. At no other time do I receive this spiritual knowledge.

Each Brahmin, Baba says, is the temple of the living saligram (soul). Each one is the temple of the living spark. Have you made it pure considering it to be a temple? It is the time of world service, He reminds me, not the time to be influenced by physical senses, matter or any vice. Just as evil spirits do not enter a temple, have you made your body into a temple? Impurity and vices enter where there is uncleanliness. Devilish thoughts or devilish sanskars cannot enter the temple of the living saligram, the temple of a living embodiment of power, the temple of one who destroys evil. If they do enter, then there must be one or another type of uncleanliness or impurity. So, check yourself, He says. If there is any type of uncleanliness or impurity anywhere, then finish it. Only when you make your house (body) pure in this way will world transformation take place.

Only when you bring about the practical form of destruction and establishment in yourself will revelation happen, He says. Souls of the world are tired of hearing empty words. In order for them to believe in your true beliefs, Baba says, you first of all have to become embodiments of those beliefs. Only when they see a sample in front of them will they pay attention.

Unless I realize who I am- not just that I am a soul but realize what type of a soul I am and practice remaining in that awareness, I will not be able to help Baba in His elevated task of world transformation. ‘Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘, He says. Charity begins at home.

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