Reveal the future through your features

Baba says, ‘reveal the future through your features‘. Let your features create the future.

To reveal Baba, I must be like Him- look like Him, speak like Him, act like Him. For this to happen, I need to renounce the consciousness of ‘I’ for only when I myself forget this consciousness of ‘I’ will others not see it in me. Instead, I need to be merged in His remembrance. Then, His qualities which are also my original qualities emerge within me. My features change, they reflect a purity, a peace, a contentment, a love that fills any soul, that remind them of their Father and their inheritance.

You should be able to take someone beyond with a glance through the eyes, He says.

Through your vision, you should be able to transform the vision, attitude, consciousness and actions of others. This is how I give others a clear vision of their own true form. With a spiritual smile on my lips, I give the experience of imperishable happiness.  Through my whole face, I showcase their present elevated position and their future. With the power of my elevated thoughts, I draw away that flood of wasteful and sinful thoughts, I transform the wasteful thoughts into powerful thoughts. My every deed must be so divine that they reveal the image of the Father. That souls without even them wanting to automatically think: these are God’s angels.

In order to be able transform my features in such a way, I need to be someone who is light, not weighed down by my own burdens, by my own waste thoughts of ‘why?’ and, ‘how?’. I need to be someone who is carefree. This comes from the deep faith in the intellect of who I am and Whom I belong to. My Father is the Protector and the Bestower. I am just His instrument.

I need to be someone who is beyond the influence of the physical senses. I am not influenced by what I see or hear in this world. Even while living in the world, I am detached like a lotus flower. My vision is pure and powerful, it is spiritual. Only when I am beyond, only when there is so much purity and supersensuous joy in me will I be safe from Maya’s attacks, her temptations and be able to give to others. Only then will be able to take others beyond too with just a glance. Like Brahma Baba, I am able to be a lighthouse to wandering souls. Even while in one place, many souls are influenced by my one thought and one divine look.

Every morning at Amritvela and throughout the day, let me practice remaining in the consciousness of who I am and what I am here to do:

  1. I, the soul, have already attained all that I ever wanted. I have attained God Himself. The Fortune Maker is my Father, He has written my fortune and shown it to me. Let me spin the discus of self-realization and see my elevated fortune throughout the cycle. Let me experience the intoxication of each form. Then, Maya can never come close to me.
  2. I, the soul, am now an instrument of the Almighty Authority Father for the elevated task of world benefit.
  3. I, the soul am a great donor and a bestower of blessings.
  4. I, the soul, through my divine activities, words and thoughts, have to grant all souls a vision of the image and character of both Fathers.  

Let me deeply realize that I have nothing I need or want from the old world. All the soul ever wanted was the reunion with the Beloved, I have been reunited with Him now. I now have the great fortune of helping Him in the greatest task in the history of the world- changing it from hell to heaven. When you remain in this awareness, Baba says, you will be able to transform the world in a short time.

I have been given the awareness of who I am and the knowledge of how I need to be. When I practice it, I experience the intoxication of each point, I gain experience, become powerful and successful. I reveal through my being the ways of the new world. There is a spiritual sparkle that is visible in my face that cannot be hidden. It automatically attracts and takes souls to their destination.

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