Become a conqueror of lust

Baba says, ‘you have to go to the pure world‘. Therefore, conquer lust, the great enemy.

For half a cycle, the world is heaven and the for the second half, it is hell. The difference, Baba says, is purity and cleanliness. This is the basis for a happy and peaceful life. Where there is purity and cleanliness, there cannot be even a trace of sorrow or peacelessness.

When the world becomes hell, Baba comes and plucks His children out of it – this world is not meant for you, He says. He takes us out and places us into a fortress of purity, a small, separate world within this much larger hell. Don’t stray outside this fortress even in your thoughts, He cautions and you will be safe, happy and peaceful. If you experience even a trace of sorrow, there is definitely the influence of one or the other type of impurity, He says.

Purity does not just mean to be a conqueror of lust in it’s most obvious form, says Baba. That is of course foundational. But to be a conqueror of lust means to be victorious over all desires because all limited desires are a creation of the vice of lust. Each desire has a huge progeny. First, there is the desire for physical possessions, then there is the desire to attain something from people, thirdly, there are many types of limited desires in fulfilling relationships, fourthly, limited desires also arise within the intention to do service. Only when you have finished all four types of desires will you be called the conqueror of lust. Only then will you be victorious over sorrow and peacelessness for all time, says Baba.

Sometimes we like a particular person more than others. We justify it to ourselves and others by saying: I like this quality of this person. If I appreciate a quality, then let me imbibe that within myself but to be impressed by the person and to take a special liking for them is not part of the equation. That is where goodness changes into a desire and I get in trouble. Then, other times, I subconsciously compete with others. I see something in the other and think: I can do that too. I can do it even better. I develop jealousy, sometimes even enmity. Either way, it is an attraction and my mind will be in constant upheaval. The signs, Baba says, of being impressed are attachment and subservience. The signs of jealousy and enmity are a constant need to justify myself and being stubborn. These selfish feelings consume me to such an extent that I lose all awareness of everything else. I waste time and energy, cause myself and others distress.

Sometimes, we want to prove ourselves through service: ‘I will do this and show everyone’. Baba says, Maya makes you feel as if you are speaking big words but really you are under the influence of fear. This is the consciousness of ‘mine’, the need to hold on, to prove in order to win appreciation and respect of the self and others. Sometimes, words take on the color of arrogance, even insulting others to prove myself. Both of these make me lose my self-respect and the respect of others rather than gain. I fall rather than rise.

Go beyond these desires, He says, and have the stage of being ignorant of even the knowledge of desires.

God Himself becomes my Teacher. He gives me the knowledge of who I am and Whom I belong to. He teaches me the beginning, middle and end of the drama. I now know what is going on, why I am here within this fortress and why it is important for me to stay inside. That land outside with irreligiousness, with a lack of values, where each person is out to prove themselves at any cost to fit in – that land, is not mine. I had become a resident of that land, had based my life on those same vices and had become a bankrupt orphan. Baba rescued me and brought me into the fortress. Here I am unlearning all the old world stuff and re-emerging my original purity and happiness. True self-respect that comes from true self-identity makes me step away from all limited, false desires and stay content inside the fortress of purity.

The world outside thinks that complete purity is impossible, they believe that lust is part of life but they don’t realize Who is teaching me. I am learning from the Source of Truth. He tells me the truth because only He knows the truth. When I listen, I remember. In introspection, I touch base with my original self, I experience it for myself. I recognize and realize. I transform.

I have experienced the world of happiness, that is the world to which I belong, to which I have a right. So, become a conqueror of lust, your greatest enemy, says Baba. You now have to go to the pure world.

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