Are you happy and content?

Baba says, ‘you children of God are not concerned about anything else‘. Having found the Father, I have attained what I wanted.

The Father is here at this auspicious confluence age to change the land of sorrow to the land of happiness, to transform hell into heaven. Do I have this awareness in my intellect always? I have signed up to help with this task, do I remember my promise?

The land of happiness, as the name suggests, is one where there is no trace of sorrow or peacelessness. There are no fears or worries, no competitions or comparisons, no hustling or any of the sorrow causing ways of this old world. What I have signed up to do is to help God usher in this world of happiness. Happiness requires purity which is the birthplace of both peace and happiness. My responsibility, therefore, is to become completely pure so that I can be happy and peaceful.

Often, we forget and get lost in the old world. We look around and see the sorrow – a pandemic that has the world in it’s grip. People dying everyday of either the virus or some other disease. People including children experiencing loneliness and depression. Crimes that were once unthinkable happening almost routinely. We see and read about all of this and feel disheartened, fed up. How can anyone be expected to be happy in such a world!?

As a child of God, to be happy is precisely my responsibility at precisely this time in the cycle. God has come and given me the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. I know that the world has become old and degraded, in fact, I also know that it is only about to get worse. I know that this is the time when the world has to change from hell into heaven, this is why God is here. So, is there anything to be gained by dwelling on it?

Instead, what I need to do is make my stage so powerful, so pure, that I spread vibrations of peace and happiness throughout the world. I need to change the atmosphere. That, actually helps souls, my sorrow adds to the heaviness that already exists and makes the atmosphere weaker. When I allow myself to look around, when I make choices where I give or take sorrow, when I have limited desires and expectations that make me discontent, I am being careless.

The Father has come to eradicate sorrow and peacelessness. He made me belong to Him, now, my life is His. I make careful choices based on His Shrimat that help His task- isn’t that what I want? simply looking around and shaking my head in disbelief at the condition of the world helps no one. If I want to help, if I want to bring change, I need to be a lighthouse of purity, spreading my light of peace and happiness far and wide. Now is not the time for classes or speeches, souls want immediate relief, not a ten step plan. They want to be liberated, feel peace and happiness. The service of my mind and attitude are the fastest ways of service and also the most powerful. A lighthouse doesn’t need to move, it stays in one place and shows lost ships the way back home, no matter how terrible the storm might be.

Maya is all powerful at this time, says Baba. The seed of body consciousness has been planted in every soul. When you think about it, this is the real pandemic- the virus of body consciousness directly attacks the intellect. I forget my very identity and become an orphan living in sorrow, helplessness and anxiety. God comes and reminds me of who I am and Whom I belong to and pulls me into His fortress of purity. Stay within the fortress and become pure, He says, you have no more connection with the old world. You now have to go to the new world, the pure world. Yes, there are only a few souls within this fortress but they are powerful- having found their identity and the Father, the Almighty Authority.

But when I spend time thinking about the past, when I constantly peek outside the fortress, when I have expectations of the old world, I am being careless and reducing my power, my stage of purity. But don’t I need to know the news of the world, how else do I know what is going on or if my service is working? Do the roots of the tree care about what’s going on above the ground or worry about whether their service is working? They remain underground next to the seed. I am the roots of this human world tree and my place is next to the Seed. I have the knowledge of the state of the world, I don’t need to know the details based on opinions printed in the papers or broadcasted in the news. What I need to be aware of is my responsibility to take from the Seed and send to the tree. When I shake, when I stop paying attention, the tree wilts.

At this time, Baba says, you must remain introverted and constantly on the pilgrimage of remembrance. This is an eternal pilgrimage. When my attention is diverted externally -whether it is in the news, in that occasional movie, the magazines, the TV show, social media…it doesn’t matter even if I am reading Lincoln…it is still a diversion. When I sit in remembrance, what I consumed during the day will impact the quality of my connection, is it worth it?

Instead I spend time on the pilgrimage- connecting with my inner truth, connecting with Baba. He tells me daily, ‘remember Me alone‘. Let me follow this Shrimat accurately. Let me fill myself up with eternal spiritual treasures and attainments. Let me remain in the awareness of the new world and fill myself with that experience. Then, when someone asks me if I am happy and content, I am genuinely surprised at the question: why wouldn’t I be? I am God’s child! I was concerned to find the One who resides beyond, in the brahm element. Now that I have found Him, what else would I be concerned about? The Father makes me so worthy that I claim the sovereignty of heaven. What concern do God’s children have?

When I make my stage so elevated and powerful that I am constantly brimming with happiness and enthusiasm, those vibrations will radiate and attract souls. It will give them respite, peace, happiness and enthusiasm and they will feel inspired to find that which I have found. And…the world changes. This life of yours is invaluable, Baba reminds me. Don’t become fed up with it…serve.

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