I am the most fortunate of all

Baba says, ‘you are the most fortunate ones in the world’. The Bestower of Fortune is your Father!

Make a list of your fortune, says Baba, and see how fortunate you are.

  1. On the one hand there are the billions of souls of the world and on the other hand is the small world of you Brahmins.
  2. It is only Brahmins who say: We saw God in the form of the Father. We saw Him in the form of the Mother, Friend, Brother and Bridegroom.  Rishis, munis, tapaswis and scholars and those who studied the scriptures all simply sang praise.  They were left hoping for a darshan (glimpse): ‘He will come at some time; we will definitely meet Him at some time’. They continued to move around the cycle of many births in the hope of meeting Him. However, Brahmin souls say with a sparkle, faith, intoxication and happiness from their heart that they have found their Father. They are those who are thirsty for this, whereas you are those who celebrate a meeting.
  3. While souls of the world go to astrologers to get insight into their fortune of this one birth, Brahmin souls know their horoscope of all their 84 births. They draw their own line of fortune with the pen given to them by the Father, the Bestower of Fortune!
  4. At Amritvela, the Father Himself wakes the fortunate children and also invokes them. The loving children also experience that someone is not letting them sleep, He is waking them, calling them. In bhakti, devotees ring bells to awaken the deities, here, God wakes you. Your day begins with God!
  5. He invokes you: come and experience the stage of being equal to the Father. Sit with Me. In bhakti, devotees consider themselves the dust at the feet of the deities. Here, God sees you as His child, His equal.
  6. The Father Himself becomes the Teacher and comes from faraway to teach you. People try to go to God, whereas God Himself, in the form of the Teacher comes to teach you.
  7. When you perform action through the day, God Himself is enabling you to do it as the Karavanhar (the One who makes you do it). I am just the instrument. God is Karavanhar especially for you, you are never alone. There is no burden.
  8. You are also the child of Brahma, the protector of the yagya. He himself feeds you Brahma bhojan every day. People casually speak that God is feeding them but they don’t even know who God is. For you, it is the Father Who is feeding you daily! And Baba guarantees that Brahmin souls will not be hungry throughout the cycle. You will be fed daal and roti (lentils and bread) with a lot of love. In this birth too, you will eat the daal and roti of love, not of effort, but of love.
  9. It is also the Father who puts you to sleep, singing you a lullaby. When you go to sleep in the Father’s lap, all tiredness and illness is forgotten and you rest in comfort. You listen to the lullaby of ‘sweet child, lovely child‘ and have a unique experience.

So from Amritvela until bed time, God is making you do everything, says Baba. It is such a great fortune! But unless one drinks the drink, intoxication will not rise. Just as how if the physical drink is simply kept in the bottle, intoxication does not rise, similarly, if the points are just kept in the intellect, intoxication will not rise. Now, use it, He says, let it emerge. This is known as becoming an embodiment of remembrance.

You are so fortunate! Therefore, keep your fortune in your consciousness every day, become powerful and continue to fly.

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