Don’t become confused…follow Shrimat.

Baba says, ‘continue to follow shrimat at every step‘. Don’t be confused about whose directions they are.

Shrimat means elevated directions. At this time, I receive Shrimat from God because only He is elevated. Anyone else’s directions including my own are not Shrimat, they are often devilish directions based on body consciousness.

By following Shrimat accurately at this time, the confluence age, I become an elevated human being. To follow means to understand and imbibe, to make it part of my nature. Then, I never lose it, it goes with me wherever I go. And that’s exactly what happens. For the first half of the cycle, it is the kingdom established by God. It is heaven. There, we live our life based on this Shrimat that we have imbibed at this time. It becomes the code of conduct. Then, for the second half of the cycle, we forget who we are, forget the Shrimat and fall prey to the vices. Having lost the guiding force, we follow dictates of our mind and of others. There are conflicts, debates, arguments and mostly just confusion. Souls are perpetually stuck in the web of ‘should I do this or that?’, ‘is this right or is that right?’, etc. My resulting words and actions lack power, become wrong and degraded. And thus, I rob myself of my self-respect.

I am now once again at the great confluence – of this cycle that is at its end and the new cycle that is to begin. It is now once again the time when God comes to teach me or more accurately, remind me of the Shrimat. It is now once again the time to retrain myself for heaven, to become elevated by following this Shrimat. When I understand its purpose, I want to follow it. But it’s not just about following it, says Baba, you have to do so accurately. Accuracy comes from caring and from faith in Who is teaching me.

I care about Shrimat because I realize it protects me from myself, it prevents me from my tendency to sabotage my own progress. But often my body conscious tendencies overpower the caring and the faith.

There is a new job offer. It’s an exciting field, will allow me to rub shoulders with lots of dynamic personalities, great pay,…the works! This is great!, I think. It is a great opportunity to ‘serve’. The fact that I will be ‘<fill in title here>’ will be great for Baba and I can recruit all these personalities to become the microphones for Baba’s message. I feel good about myself but I know I have to ask Baba, so I do. It’s really just a formality, I mean, why would He ever say no! But…that’s exactly what He says during Amritvela when I ask Him. Then, just to ensure that I heard Him correctly, He confirms it in the Murli that morning as well.

I feel deflated. How could this be!? And at that moment I find myself at the fork – (1) follow what He told me loud and clear which is always how Shrimat is – unambiguous, direct. OR (2) entertain the thoughts of confusion that go something like this: ‘surely that wasn’t for me, it was for other children’, ‘why would God not use such a great opportunity that would put us on the front pages?’, ‘surely, I must have heard it wrong’. Then, I go looking for validation from other souls forgetting that they are also body conscious like me. They, of course, endorse my thinking that sets me off on the wrong course and Maya gives herself a high five!

You lack the courage to follow Shrimat and so you yourself enter the forest of confusion’, says Baba.

When I have unshakable faith and recognition of Who is teaching me, there is no room for a second thought. All I do and have to do is follow. But because of a lack of correct recognition, I allow my faith to weaken. I fail to recognize that Baba is the Father, the Purifier, the Liberator. He is here to purify His children, liberate us from the world of Ravan and take us back home with Him. He is not here for nor does He want glorification in the kingdom of Ravan by Ravan’s followers. He is God, not a body conscious human being who sees positions and titles of Ravan’s world as a measure of success. He sees the level of purity as a measure of success.

As I continue to make progress on the spiritual path, my recognition of Baba increases. I get to know Him better. But in the meantime, I need Shrimat to protect me from falling into those potholes that I haven’t quite filled yet. Let me follow the directions accurately and spare myself the fall and Baba the effort of having to then pull me out. In parallel, let me continue to increase my practice of the bodiless stage. When I do, I accumulate the power of silence which makes the intellect strong by removing the clutter, it makes it clean and clear. That in turn helps sharpen my own power to discern and judge.

You have to follow shrimat at every step, says Baba. God does not make mistakes.

At that moment at the fork, it will seem as if the shrimat is wrong, that it is a mistake. But let me hold on to my faith in Who is teaching me. Despite the raging voice in my mind that tells me to take the other route, let me hold on to that faith with stubbornness. Let me know that while I might not understand why I was given a particular direction yet, I will in time. Right now, let me be courageous, faithful and surrendered enough to simply follow. When I do, I become His responsibility. He will reward that one step of my courage with a thousand of His. I will receive the strength and support to follow through.

This is the same unlimited Father Who taught me in the last cycle. He made me into a diamond from a shell. He gave me the kingdom of heaven! I lost all that wealth when I lost the guiding force of Shrimat and became confused. The Father is giving me my lost kingdom again. He says, remember Me alone and follow Shrimat at every step. Now, make this study your business.

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