When I am good, everything is good

Baba says, ‘everything in the golden age is the best and satopradhan‘. When you are good, everything around you is also good and when you are bad, everything around you becomes harmful.

You are not an ordinary soul, Baba reminds us every day. Your life is the foundation of this kalpa tree; it is the roots, He explains.  This tree grows on the basis of Brahmin life. It is through the roots of Brahmin life that all variety of souls receive the water of the attainment of liberation and liberation- in- life from the Seed.  It is with the support of Brahmin life that the branches and twigs grow.  Therefore, Brahmin souls are the ancestors of all the variety of dynasties.  

This is my responsibility as a Brahmin, as a child of God. I am the ancestor soul. I don’t just have limited responsibility for my family or my center or my little community or even country. I am the image of support and image of upliftment for the whole world, mine is an unlimited responsibility. I didn’t sign up for this, I might argue…Well, tough! It’s who I am.

Now that we’ve established who we are, it is clear based on this reality that when I ascend or do well, the whole world or the whole tree benefits. When I, the roots of the human world tree, rot, the whole tree rots.

My duty as the roots of the tree is to stay close and connected to the Seed. I draw from the Seed and then supply to the tree. There are therefore two things I need to pay attention to in order to prevent rotting i.e. to ensure the tree’s health – (1) ensure the connection to the Seed never breaks (2) ensure my connection with the rest of the tree never breaks.

To remain connected to the Seed requires introversion. It requires unlimited renunciation of the many types of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. The only ‘I’ is the I, the soul and the only ‘mine’ is, my Baba. If I allow myself to get trapped in any other I and mine – name, fame, glory, status, role, etc., the link with the Seed will break. If I allow myself to be distracted by the goings on in the world, with battling my own or others’ sanskars, the link will break. I have to remain distraction free.

To remain connected to the tree, I need to practice being a detached observer. If I get overwhelmed with other’s sanskars or my own and decide to cut myself off from the world, then I just broke the link to the tree. Running away is not purity, it is an impurity. It is not being satopradhan. Baba teaches me by His own example to stay in the midst of impurity and serve. Remember two things, says Baba. ‘I am the master’ and ‘I have received all the powers as a blessing from the Father’. I decide the quality of my thoughts, I decide my attitude. I have all the powers ready to go, I simply need to summon them. When I remember who I am, my responsibility as the roots of the tree, I hold myself accountable.

Maybe someone is having a bad day and they say something impolite, let me offer them my co-operation of the power of tolerance. Let me use my power to discern to understand what a soul really needs and then give it to them. Let my every thought, word and action be compassionate. Let me radiate peace, love and contentment through my face and behavior. Let my attitude be such that even a negative atmosphere is transformed into spiritual. This is how I supply to the tree. I don’t judge or criticize, I reconcile. If someone makes a mistake, I don’t narrate it to others, I merge. In other words, I provide the love and respect I receive from the Seed to the whole tree.

If a situation comes, I don’t shake, I learn what I need to and move on. When I shake, the tree shakes. ‘Don’t waste your time trying to break the rock, says Baba, fly over it’. Let me not waste time analyzing why or how something happened. Let me not become an embodiment of the problem but instead become the embodiment of the solution. If I am having to constantly labor trying to solve one problem or another – one day of money, another day of a relationship, third day of the mind, then let me check my attitude.

Brahmin life means being an embodiment of a life of all attainments that are imperishable, infinite, immovable and unshakeable, Baba reminds me. When I remember Baba, I also automatically remember the attainments. Then, all the labor ends, I experience liberation-in-life. Then and only then can I become the instrument to liberate other souls.

Brahmin life of the confluence age is the time for resting in the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. Sit in His heart comfortably. Eat Brahma bhojan and drink the nectar of knowledge. Do powerful service and sit on the heart-throne comfortably with pleasure. Why do you become distressed?, asks Baba. This is the age to live in comfort. Pass these beautiful days in spiritual pleasure. If you don’t spend time in God’s pleasure now, then when would you do this?  Sit in your spiritual honor (shaan), He says.

When my intellect’s yoga becomes disturbed, when I remember anything other than Baba and the inheritance I receive from Him, I experience sorrow. I shake, I wilt, I rot. That is not something I can afford to do. I have an immense responsibility to Baba and to the rest of the tree. They are counting on me to stay healthy and happy, to be my best. That’s how I usher in the golden age.

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