Don’t take the law into your own hands

Baba says, ‘never take the law into your own hands‘. If someone makes a mistake, report it to the Father and the Father will caution that soul.

It used to be that there was no need for a separate governing body to maintain law and order. Everyone naturally did the right thing, they followed the code of conduct taught by God and there was nothing to report. That was the golden age. Now, we have multiple law enforcement bodies that themselves have trouble following the law. It’s a different world, it’s Ravan’s world.

But you must never take the law into your own hands‘, says Baba.

This is a family, Baba reminds me. In a family, there is love. When there is an issue with a family member, the whole family unites to resolve it quietly such that both the person at fault and the family are not disgraced. The matter stays inside, everyone simply merges the matter into their hearts. It’s the same here, says Baba. This is the unlimited family of God. All are my brothers and sisters but do I have the same love?

If someone at the center or on my team has an anger problem, it doesn’t help when I too get angry and lash back at them. It certainly doesn’t help when I talk about it with others. The problem only gets worse. This is not becoming of a child of God, says Baba. This is disgracing myself, the Father and the family. Instead, let me make my stage so powerful such that I am an epitome of coolness, of calmness. Then, when the other soul sees me in my powerful stage, staying calm and peaceful, it becomes a subtle, yet powerful signal to them that they are off track. It enables them to come back to their senses and calm down. If there are souls that like to gossip, rather than get angry or annoyed or give them a lecture with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, let me simply stay in remembrance of Baba. That remembrance will transform the atmosphere enough to make them uncomfortable and aware of what they are doing. They will automatically stop.

If all I do is reflect others’ sanskars back to them, that’s ordinary, anyone can do that. But a powerful soul transforms.

Sometimes, I feel I’ve tried really hard, have smiled and spoken sweetly with the other soul and yet they don’t seem to change, they remain bitter and angry. Let me check my attitude- is it pure? If I am thinking to myself: ‘you are a difficult soul but it’s okay, I will be the bigger person’, ‘some people never change but I’ll give it a shot…’etc. and then putting on a smile, that won’t work. Judging someone is also taking law into my own hands. No matter what the situation may be, Baba says, you cannot give that person the certificate that it is difficult for them to change. No one has given you the authority to issue this certificate neither has anyone made you the judge, He cautions.

This is your family, this is God’s family, says Baba. If you are unable to transform the situation with love and through your own stage, you must report it to Baba. Only He has the authority to correct the children. Come to think of it, children listen to their parent, or teacher because they attach credibility and love to them. They know the correction is for their own good.

When I am honest with myself, I find that the reason I feel so passionately about someone’s defect enough to report it is because the defect is actually within me. Let me get to the root cause and finish it.

Baba reminds me daily that I am a world transformer, a world benefactor. That doesn’t mean I am allowed to take the law into my own hands and try to transform others. Let me remember and use the correct method. Baba teaches me that it is self-transformation that leads to world transformation. When I change, the world automatically changes. When I am good, the world is good.

I can only be good, I can only create that powerful stage when I am busy with the study. I have to be immersed in it. For one, I need to practice the disciplines accurately – especially Amritvela and Murli cannot be missed, no excuses. That is the lifeline and the food for the soul. Throughout the day, let me keep the intellect busy with churning the knowledge. Let me practice the bodiless stage, of being the soul detached from the body. Let me spin the discus of self-realization and see my elevated destiny, remind myself of who I am. When I pay attention to the study, my every thought, my vision, awareness and attitude are automatically elevated and powerful. I don’t have to make a separate effort for it. I automatically give good wishes and pure feelings, I automatically offer the co-operation of the power of tolerance or of the power to merge.

It is like the story of the two women who were neighbors. One was a troublemaker- she enjoyed dumping her garbage in the other woman’s yard. The other woman always just cleaned up and kept her yard clean no matter what. In disbelief, the troublemaker decided she was going to test the limits once and for all. She left a gift box at the doorstep of the neighbor- the box was filled with garbage. She was sure, that would be the last straw that breaks her neighbor’s resolve. The next day however, she found a gift box at her own doorstep – she opened it to find it full of beautiful flowers. Stunned by the gesture, she walked up to her neighbor to ask why she sent her flowers despite all she had done to antagonize her. Her neighbor smiled and said, ‘because flowers are all I have’.

In this war, there is remembrance and forgetfulness, says Baba. Always remember who you are, He says, then you will never lose your sweetness.

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