It’s a great deal, guaranteed!

Baba says, ‘now remember Shiv Baba and become pure and you will become the masters of the pure world‘. This is a very easy deal to make.

The Father is the Businessman, the Jewel Merchant. He is the Ocean of all Treasures. When He comes and finds His children, He reminds us of who we are and makes us belong to Him. I recognize Him as the eternal Father from Whom I had been separated for so long and the thought that comes is: ‘My Baba!’. At that moment, I strike a deal with the Father, the Businessman. It’s a deal of just a second!

My children are, especially the mothers and kumaris are so innocent‘, says Baba, ‘and yet, these are the businessmen souls who make such a big deal’.

Much of the world, even to this day, considers these souls to be hopeless, and cast them aside thinking, ‘How can these kumaris and mothers claim a right to a Godly attainment?’. However, the Father gives them preference! He first and foremost makes the mothers and kumaris into elevated personalities who have made the biggest of all deals. The urn of knowledge has first been placed on the mothers and the kumaris. He made a poor kumari the mother of the yagya, the World Mother, Jagadamba. What a big deal that was to make her from the poorest kumari into Jagadamba, who then becomes Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth! Until today, no matter how much of a multimillionaire someone may be, he still asks Lakshmi for wealth, and worships her.

The Jewel-Merchant Father is happy to see His businessmen children. By making this deal for one birth, you become constantly prosperous and full for many births. Someone who makes a normal deal, no matter how big a businessman he may be, will simply make a deal of wealth and goods. It is only the one unlimited Father who makes a deal with wealth, with the mind, with the body and also with the elevated relationships. Have you seen any other bestower like this?, asks Baba.

I make all four types of deals with Him, that is, I remain pure in my thoughts, words, deeds and relationships. Anything impure first comes in thoughts, then in words and deeds. So keep your mind constantly engaged in churning this knowledge, says Baba. Don’t leave it free for even a second. A businessman means to not waste even a single thought, there must be income in every thought, Baba teaches.

In return for your remaining pure in this one short birth, Baba says, your body will always remain healthy, your mind will always remain happy, your treasure-store of wealth will always remain full and there will always be selfless love in your relationships. This is not just words, you have this guarantee! Nowadays, people give a guarantee for valuable things. At the most, they give a 5-year or a 10-year guarantee but the Father, the Jewel-Merchant, gives you a guarantee for many births!

Before I came to Baba, I was sorrowful having been caught up in the many types of ‘I’s and ‘mine’s. And so my heart was attached to many people and many things or desires and as a result, my heart was broken into a million pieces. The Father took the broken pieces of the heart and put them all back together. ‘So‘, asks Baba, ‘what did you give and what did you receive?

The people of the world who think of themselves as smart are busy in accumulating a little perishable wealth and are caught up in the problem of looking after their wealth. So caught up in fact, they don’t have time to recognize the Father. Their time goes by in just protecting themselves and their money. Even if they are emperors, they are emperors with worry, because, after all, it is money that has been usually and mostly earned dishonestly. This is why they are emperors with worry, whereas you, who the world look upon as innocent and poor are carefree emperors! You go from beggar to prince. You are emperors now and emperors in the future too!

And talking about wealth, compared to the number one wealthy personalities of today, even the ordinary citizens of the end of the silver age will be wealthier!, says Baba. You will be emperors! By ’emperor’, it does not mean that they have to be seated on a throne. An emperor means one who is full, one who doesn’t lack anything, one who has nothing missing.

Have I made such a deal? I can only make such a deal now, at the confluence age. All I have to do is follow His Shrimat: He says, ‘remember Me alone and become pure for this one birth. It’s too good a deal to miss out on! Sometimes, when we get something very good for a great price, we wonder whether there is something wrong, maybe the product is not really that good. Here, it is the Jewel Merchant, the Businessman, God Himself Who strikes this deal with me. I have nothing to worry about.

You make such a bargain that there is no need for any other bargain, says Baba. You haven’t made a bargain for just anything; you have made a bargain with the Bestower of everything: everything is included in that. You make the Bestower belong to you.

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