The shield of drama

Baba says, ‘keep the shield of the drama in front of you‘. When you do, you will never wilt and your happiness will never disappear.

Baba teaches us the point of drama. This is a very big and powerful shield that enables me to attain victory. Inculcating this into my practical life ensures that I never shake. The special power or shield ensures I am never defeated.

We know this and yet when the situation comes, we wrestle with the point. In my mind, I remember the drama and yet I have tears in my eyes, ‘I don’t know why this happened, why me!’. I say this even as I am thinking, ‘yes, I am a victorious jewel, I remember the drama, drama is benevolent….but I don’t know what happened!’

Baba reminds me that I am on a battlefield with Maya. I have a sword in one hand and I have to hold a shield in the other. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, it requires strength or power to be able to hold a shield. That strength is the power of tolerance. Without the power of tolerance, I have a hard time trying to hold the shield.

When the situation is unfolding, there is a lot going on. I cannot deny all that is happening. But when I have the power of tolerance, I have depth and maturity to handle it. I will be able to face the situation. I don’t get afraid of the bitter sanskars or a difficult task that I may be encountering. I don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that the world is against me, that everyone is bad. I don’t get emotional about it. I have the strength or the power to tolerate it i.e. to let it play out without it affecting my good wishes and pure feelings. There are no judgments, I remain detached from the scene and observe. When I can do that, I am able to hold the shield.

Then, when I say drama!, I say it with faith, that it is benevolent even though I might not see it yet. When I get emotional and come into upheaval, I might say the word ‘drama’ but I don’t say it with faith because I’ve become overwhelmed. I need the power to tolerate in order to create the right thoughts in my mind. This is what is also called controlling power. When I have the power to tolerate, I am able to control waste thoughts – the ‘why’, ‘how’, what’ that deplete my strength.

Those who lack the power to tolerate lack success in whatever task they carry out, says Baba. Those who have the power to tolerate are able to stabilize themselves in the angelic stage i.e. remain detached and be an embodiment of pure thoughts, no matter what. So, let me check today. If I am having trouble holding up my shield, I might need to build the muscle of tolerance.

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