The story of the true Narayan

Baba says, ‘I tell you the story about changing from an ordinary human into Narayan‘. This story is very well known. 

On the path of bhakti, there is the ‘SatyaNarayan Katha‘, the story of the true Narayan. That is a false story, says Baba. Why? Because, if it were true, you would see the benefit from it, you would become the true Narayan. But no one has been able to become Narayan by listening to that false story. Human beings cannot make an ordinary human into Narayan. Only the Father can come and make you into the masters of heaven. 

The praise of Lakshmi and Narayan, the masters of the world, is: completely virtuous, completely pure, completely viceless, those who follow the highest code of conduct and the highest religion of non-violence. Theirs was the kingdom of heaven where there was one religion, one language, one code of conduct. Everyone was righteous, performed righteous acts. But no one knows Who gave them the kingdom or Who made them that way.

The Father says: it is only at this time, at this auspicious confluence age, that I come to tell you the story of the True Narayan. This is the real story, it is your story. This is in fact the story of the beginning, middle and end of the whole world. I tell this story only once. By listening to this story, you change from an ordinary human into Narayan. Only the Father establishes the land of truth. He is the only One is constant realization and only One at this time that knows the truth- of who we are, of Himself, of the world, of how to be. Only He is the Ocean of Knowledge.

The story Baba tells me is of claiming and losing the kingdom. It is the story of the children of God who were the masters of the world. Taking birth after birth, their purity decreases, they forget who they are and lose the kingdom to Ravan, the five vices. Having experienced sorrow and suffering, the children call out to the Father to come and purify them. The Father comes at the confluence age and once again, establishes the kingdom of heaven, the land of truth.

This is the true story. The Father is not just my Father but also my Teacher and Satguru. The Father gives me my inheritance of the knowledge, virtues and powers. The Teacher teaches me the history and geography of the world, He makes me like Him. The Satguru purifies me and grants me salvation…liberation and liberation-in-life. Only the Father of souls knows to speak to souls. Only He is the Purifier of souls. Human beings cannot purify human beings. How could those who cannot be liberated themselves liberate others?, asks Baba.

There are innumerable gurus who teach devotion. Some say: Perform devotion of so-and-so, whereas others tell me to listen to the scriptures. There are so many different ideas and opinions! This is why everyone has become even more senseless, says Baba. The ignorance has only become deeper. The Father now comes and makes me sensible. Baba says, ‘Lakshmi and Narayan were sensible masters of the world, but they have now become so poverty-stricken! Shiv Baba has now come to change you from residents of hell into residents of heaven‘. When the Sun of Knowledge rises, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled.

In the bhakti version of the story, it is shown that when God asked a merchant and his son-in-law what they had in their boat, they, not recognizing Him, lied saying they had only leaves when in fact they had gold. When they looked they found that the gold had indeed turned into leaves. Here too, Baba says, once you belong to the Father, you have to give Him your whole heart. If you keep even a little hidden from Him, your boat of life would become worthless like the leaves. Often we think: ‘I am Baba’s’ but in reality, we are still caught up in various ‘I’s and ‘mine’s. The heart is divided between people and things. This sets me up for failure because it’s what pulls me away from my destination.

The Father says, ‘Manmanabhav!’, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. God Himself is teaching me how to remember Him. He is telling me the story of immortality, the story of the True Narayan. Renounce the ‘donkeyship’, He says and once again become who you truly are. To become pure from impure and renounce the ‘donkeyship’ and claim the kingdom is the true story of the true Narayan which only the Father tells me.

In bhakti, while devotees worship God, they don’t know Him. They bow down to Him and might even say the word Father but they don’t truly relate to Him in that way. Neither do they learn anything or receive any benefit. Here, I have recognition. When I have faith in the intellect about Who is teaching me, I listen, I pay attention. Then, the boat goes across by hearing the story of Shri Narayan. The Father sits here and tells the children the true story of changing from an ordinary human into Narayan. 

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