Being mahavir

Baba says, ‘you children have to become brave mahavirs‘. No one in the world understands that God has come.

In the scriptures, Hanuman is known as Mahavir. The specialty of Hanuman was that he only remembered the One Rama and none other. He is known to visit the temples and even sit among the shoes just so he could listen to the praise of Rama. He was always full of zeal and enthusiasm when it came to serve the Lord. He only listened to Rama’s directions and did as he was told. When Rama told him to fly to Sita, Hanuman didn’t hesitate thinking: I am a monkey, how can I fly? He simply flew.

Something else that is remembered about Hanuman is his tail. He used it twice in the Ramayan- once, in the court of Ravan, he folded it and made it his throne. Another time, when the people of Ravan set his tail on fire, he used it set Lanka on fire. Come to think of it, monkeys are known to be proud of their tail, attached to it. The fact that Hanuman used it the way he did shows that he conquered his attachment.

You are all Mahavirs, says Baba. Am I like Hanuman?

When I consider myself a soul and remember the One Father alone, I am a Mahavir. When I am soul conscious, I am a Mahavir. Am I soul conscious? or am I still caught up in the various expansions of body consciousness? In other words, am I still attached to my tail?

This is the most elevated study, says Baba, the reward is immense. It is when you forget the reward that you get careless, it is when you lack faith in Who is teaching you that you become careless, He says. You cannot become the masters of the world just like that! You have to make effort. Maya takes your intellects’ yoga from one direction to the other; you remember your friends and relatives etc. It takes great effort to prevent your intellect from going in another direction. You should only have remembrance of the one Father. Even this body should not be remembered. You will reach that stage at the end, He explains. Day by day, the more you increase your pilgrimage of remembrance, the more you will benefit yourself. The more you stay in remembrance, the greater your income will be. It requires practice over a long period of time.

Baba gives me Shrimat or the elevated directions daily for every thing. Do I follow His directions accurately? or do I struggle with questions and doubt? ‘Yes, what Baba says is right but in the real world….’. Mama always followed Baba’s directions accurately and immediately. She always said, ‘the One who is giving orders is making me move’. So she never doubted if she could carry out any directions she received, she knew He was responsible, that He would get it done. All she had to do was co-operate. She also believed that nothing should be left for tomorrow. ‘Do tomorrow’s work today and today’s now’, she said. She was always full of zeal and enthusiasm for God’s work.

Mahavirs are those with courage‘, says Baba. I need courage before even faith and surrender. Brahma Baba tells his own story of how he was defamed time and again for no fault of his. But he never wavered, he moved on ahead with courage and faith: ‘this is nothing new’, he would say, ‘it has happened every cycle, it is happening again’. He didn’t even have the thought to leave nor did he ever feel apologetic for anything. He had the faith that this is God’s domain, He is the One doing and getting everything done.

That is the specialty of Mahavirs, says Baba. They don’t shake. When situations come, Mahavirs remain unshakable and unmovable. Like Angad, in the scriptures. He planted his foot firmly on the ground and dared anyone to move it. Even when Ravan himself tried, he was unable to move it even a little. When Angad was later asked what had made him so sure, he said that he had the firm faith that God was responsible for him. And that he was certain, God would give him the strength.

When Brahma Baba faced situations as dire as not having enough food to feed the children in the yagya, he remained carefree. He said: I have given my life to Baba. He is my protector and benefactor. These are His children, not mine. I am just the instrument. He will take care of things.

When Hanuman went to Lanka, everyone there laughed at him…here was a monkey! But he didn’t get self-conscious, he didn’t develop self-doubt, he didn’t shut down with shame. His was One Rama and none other, what anyone else said or thought did not matter to him. He held on to his faith in Rama, he remained focused on the task he had been given and kept on moving forward. He was loyal, faithful and reliable.

A mahavir is also one who speaks elevated words, one whose intellect has thoughts that take a practical form i.e. there is no wastage. I radiate spirituality through my every feature such that anyone who comes in front of me experiences that spirituality and wants me to speak words of blessings or to have elevated thoughts for them. Words of blessings are always few, says Baba, there is no unnecessary wastage. I will constantly have thoughts and words that are filled with blessings. Speak words that are filled with nectar, not ordinary words.

‘I don’t need a clever head‘, says Baba. He is only pleased with an honest heart. Hanuman was tasked with a great task, to deliver a message from God to Sita who was held captive by Ravan in Lanka. His honesty, his purity and his loyalty was such that he was trusted with such a responsibility. His world was Rama, there was no one else. This is the story of this time, of this auspicious confluence age, when God comes to rescue His children from the jail of Ravan. This whole world is Lanka and all human souls are Sitas, He explains. They are all calling out, waiting for Rama to rescue them.

Can God trust me to deliver His message to the Sitas? Can He trust me to burn away the tail of body consciousness and set fire to the sanskars of the old world? Can He trust me to be His helper in defeating Ravan and returning the world back to heaven? Am I His mahavir?

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