The seat of awareness

Baba says, ‘you have received the most elevated title of Master Almighty Authority‘. If you remain seated on the seat of the stage of this title, you will experience all of these powers to be always ready to serve you.

Baba sees us children as His equals. He, the Almighty Authority, sees us in the form of master almighty authorities.  Not with just some powers, but with all powers.  I receive all of these powers from the Father as a blessing. As soon as you took your divine birth, BapDada gave the blessing: May you be full of all powers, He reminds me.  This is the blessing for every birthday.  Use the powers you have received as a blessing.

When I try to use them though, often, I find that the powers don’t show up or they show up late or the wrong power shows up. Baba says, ‘if that is the case, then it is because you are not seated on your seat of awareness‘. When someone who is a master behaves like a worker himself, then the other workers will not obey him. It is only when it is clear as to who is in-charge do things go as planned. Baba says, ‘you say that when you remember, Baba becomes present‘. If God can become present, then why would the powers not be present?, He asks. So, order them by right while seated on the seat of an embodiment of awareness. Don’t labor, order them!

So, it seems clear that the key is to be seated on the seat of awareness of who I am. What does that entail?

I am a soul, a child of God. When I am seated in this awareness, then I see everyone else as souls too. They are also points of light, children of the same Father, my brothers. I don’t see differences, I see sameness. When I am not seated in this awareness, I see the other as the position or title or skill or some other label. ‘How dare she say that when I am senior to her in position and experience!’, ‘how can this person ever lead when they get so angry’ etc etc. We are not labels, we are souls. We all have our strengths and also aspects we are working on. When I lose the labels and see the soul, I feel empathy and compassion, not judgment or criticism. I am able to naturally tolerate clumsiness or flaws because I know what it’s like. I’ve been there, I realize we are all on our journeys. So I co-operate with the power to tolerate at that moment, I merge their defect.

Sometimes, I cross paths with someone I had a bad experience with months ago or years ago. Seeing them immediately triggers past memories and it becomes the filter through which I see them. It is very likely that the soul has since changed, has moved on but I clearly haven’t. Baba says, ‘clean your memory track‘. If I don’t, then anything they do, I see through the negative lens and inevitably paint a wrong picture each time. It’s hard to feel powerful when I am constantly on the defense, waiting for something to go wrong.

When someone does something wrong in my family, I don’t judge or condemn. I don’t spread stories about what was done, I merge. It comes naturally to me. But when I don’t see a soul as part of my family, when that is not my awareness, I see something as a grave crime that needs to be reported and punished. At the very least, I turn up my nose and write the person off. In other words, I lost my power to merge when I lost my awareness.

When I have the awareness of Whom I belong to, I become like Him. He is the Benevolent One, the Benefactor. I am too! I don’t walk into the world as an ordinary soul, I walk into the world with the awareness of being an image of support and upliftment, a master bestower. This is not arrogance, on the contrary, when I truly deeply understand my responsibility, it brings humility. Then, the powers come automatically, they are ready to serve at all times.

When I am stable in the awareness of where I am seated in the human world tree, I am the roots next to the Seed, then, I don’t compare or compete with the leaves. In fact I realize the senselessness of it. I don’t expect anything from anyone. I am aware that my role is to give, not take or expect. Then, I don’t labor, I tolerate, merge automatically. To be introverted or withdrawn into my cave becomes my natural state, not an effort.

In other words, my awareness dictates my vision and my attitude. Once the attitude becomes corrupted, then it affects the entire atmosphere. It dictates what kinds of thoughts I have, my feelings and my actions. And so Baba emphasizes the need to remain constantly aware of who I am, of Whom I belong to and my elevated role in the drama. Even just the awareness of this time, that this is the confluence age, makes me aware of my role.

When I am seated in my seat, the orders are standing right beside me, ready to serve . I don’t have to call them, they show up at the right time, every time. It is clear that I am in-charge, that I am the master.  All of these powers are the special Godly properties of the confluence age, Baba reminds me. The property is always for the children. You are the direct children of the World Authority. Let the intoxication of this awareness always remain emerged.

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