Give a donation and the eclipse of omens will be removed

Baba says, ‘give a donation and the eclipse of the omens will be removed‘. Donate the vices and defects.

I was wandering as an orphan looking for identity and belonging when Baba came. He reminded me of who I am and made me belong to Him. Instantly, I went from being an orphan to a child of God, I went from being a beggar to a prince. To an astrologer looking at my horoscope, it would look like the omens of Saturn had finally subsided and the omens of Jupiter were upon me!

But, asks Baba, do the omens of Jupiter remain or do they sometimes become the omens of Saturn? If they repeatedly change, then my days of struggle have not ended.

The root cause for all struggle is body consciousness. When I forget that I am a soul and think of myself as the body, then I automatically and instantly entangle myself in the web of expansion – I get lost once again in the many false identities and the many false attainments. I think of myself as a role, a bank balance, an accomplishment, a relationship etc. My heart is divided between people and possessions. No wonder I spend my days in fear as I try to protect these various ‘I’s and ‘mine’s. When I lose an I or mine, which is inevitable, I experience sorrow. Even on my so called ‘best’ days, the happiness I experience is fleeting before the goalpost moves and the chase continues.

Donate or renounce body consciousness, says Baba, let go of the false crutches that are causing you sorrow. Attaching your heart to anything temporary can only bring sorrow because it is false, says Baba. The only permanent, true things are Baba and His knowledge. The Father is imperishable, His knowledge is imperishable and the soul too is imperishable. He says, ‘now, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘. When I situate myself in the truth of who I am and remember the Father, I accumulate power, I experience eternal happiness, I experience true love.

More often than not, I know of the false crutches but I find it hard to let it go. Based on the knowledge, I know that my attachment to the role is no good, that it is false and yet, the lure of status, of name, fame and applause is too tempting to let go. I know that relationships are temporary but I find it hard to not expect and depend on them. I’ve experienced anger and jealousy and all the other sorrow causing vices…and yet, I keep going back to the hustle of the old world.

As long as you are body conscious, Baba cautions, you will keep falling prey to one or the other vice- whether lust or anger or jealousy or ego etc. The vices share an intimate relationship with each other – where one goes, the rest follow! When I lust after bodies or wealth or material accomplishments etc, there is bound to be anger, resentment, jealousy that are experienced.

Baba says, ‘make the effort to accumulate the power of remembrance‘. That is the power I need to bring change. Simply understanding the vices or the old sanskars doesn’t bring change, I need power.

It is in remembrance that I am able to immerse myself in each point of knowledge, really experience it and imbibe it. Then, I become an embodiment of knowledge, I am able to use it in my practical life and bring about change in my sanskars. I once again emerge my original qualities and become my true self. I start to respect who I am and build faith and confidence. Then it becomes easy to let go of the false.

Never forget who you are and Who is teaching you, says Baba. Remember, Baba is making me into the master of the world. Full effort has to be made in order to become an emperor or empress of heaven. You should occupy yourselves fully in this. Why should you become a thorn? You are Brahmins. The Father says: I am making you into sun-dynasty kings and queens whose idols kings who indulge in vice will bow down to. I cannot be vicious myself! Shrimat says: Constantly remember Me alone. You don’t have to do anything else. 

When I change, the world changes. It is a great responsibility. When my stage is ascending, there is benefit to all. And so the Father says, give a donation and the omens of the eclipse will be removed. Donate this and you will become 16 celestial degrees full, completely pure. If you do not donate it, you cannot become this.

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