Being a true server

Baba says, ‘be a true server who achieves success in service with renunciation and tapasya‘. This is the main way to achieve success.

So the first step is to understand what true service means. To serve means to have constantly good wishes for every soul, to have feelings of the most elevated pure desires, says Baba. That means to give every soul what they want or need, to not have limited feelings but only elevated pure feelings. For example, if someone is looking for co-operation from me, or a feeling of true spiritual love, giving them that is service. When I have limited feelings, I think: ‘what’s in it for me’. If I don’t think it furthers my name or brings me fame, I feel it is a waste of my time to co-operate on a task or to spend time with a person. Renounce these limited feelings, says Baba.

When I am caught up in limited feelings, I am discontent and I try to serve while filled with discontentment. I have feelings of, ‘why wasn’t I consulted about this? Why wasn’t I given any value?’ All these expectations will come in the form of obstacles to oppose me. It is much better if you don’t serve, say BapDada. Because when I am discontented, I am disturbed and I will inevitably disturb others through my attitude. It’s not just renouncing, it’s why I renounce too, says Baba. Sometimes, I don’t renounce as much as I sacrifice. I’m not happy working on the project or helping that person but I feel compelled to because I don’t want to displease a senior or because Shrimat said so. So I do it while I wilt. That is not accurate renunciation, says Baba. Other times, I donate wealth or spend time at the center because I am running away from the world, I am feeling fed up and so I think this is better. That is not renunciation either, says Baba.

Renunciation is where I live in the midst of the world and decide that I don’t want useless things that bring me sorrow in my life anymore. I decide that I want to dedicate my life to attain my truth. I want to let go of the shells in exchange for the diamonds Baba is giving me. I want to lend my hand in the awesome task of transforming the world from hell to heaven. And so I study for the new world, let go of the old. I renounce based on knowledge, based on understanding.

Just simply to give a speech or to explain to groups, or to give the course to someone or open a centre doesn’t translate into service, explains Baba. To do service means to serve souls in such a way that they experience some attainment. And when service is done in this way, there is tapasya automatically within that.

Tapasya is to perform a task with determination. When my feelings of service are true, when they are accurate, tapasya is not separate from those. Tapasya is not about sitting in meditation day and night but rather to be a lighthouse and mighthouse and spread rays of peace, power and create such an atmosphere. Then my vision, my face, my words, will all serve. Where there is a combined form of renunciation i.e. humility, tapasya i.e. determination and service, that is true service, explains Baba. If there is service without renunciation and tapasya, it is service only in name and its fruit is only temporary. Service is done, the influence of temporary fruit is reaped and it finishes there. The influence of temporary attainment is temporary praise. They will say, ‘it’s been a very good lecture; you gave the course very well; you did very good service’. But there is no experience. To give an experience, Baba says, means to enable them to forge a relationship with the Father and to make them powerful. This is true service.

You have to be constantly true servers, says Baba.

Given service means to have good wishes for all, it automatically means I have to merge all the weaknesses of others. I have to have tolerance and a feeling of wanting to give power to others. To tolerate means to fill oneself with power and give power to others. To tolerate doesn’t mean to die. If I think: ‘how come I have to tolerate all the time! let them also tolerate’, ‘do I have to die?’, then I am not really tolerating. I am simply suppressing, out of compulsion. When I truly tolerate i.e. when I love, when I relate, it is the way to live in everyone’s heart with love, says Baba.

No matter how much opposition there may be – it may be even stronger than Ravan and you may have to tolerate not just once, but ten times – but the fruit of tolerance is eternal and sweet, and it brings transformation within souls, says Baba. Offer compassion and co-operation, not judgment and criticism. This is what is meant by service.

So, says Baba, become true servers by becoming embodiments of renunciation and tapasya. Don’t talk about the fairs and lectures and workshops you held, instead become a jewel of contentment and give contentment to others. Become a destroyer of obstacles by learning how to use your powers to tolerate and merge. Become a destroyer of the attachment to limited attainments.

When you are a true server, success is guaranteed, you will use less time and gain more value, says Baba. It is the stage that is described as ‘being a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance‘. It is the stage described as ‘being like the Father‘.

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