Become wealthy

Baba says, ‘become a point and remember the Point and you will become wealthy’. Only by having this remembrance do you earn a true income.

To become wealthy, I need to pay attention to two things simultaneously. One is to ensure I am not wasting what I already have and two is to invest what I have such that it grows.

To stop wasting means to apply a dot. Baba gives me the knowledge of the three dots – the soul is a dot, the Father is a dot, and whatever happens in the drama is a dot. If I have learnt to apply a dot, I automatically prevent wastage and accumulate the treasures. By being seated in the awareness of being a dot and then remembering the Dot, in a second, I receive unlimited happiness. I am able to experience any and all relationships with Baba, His love becomes the alchemy that heals me, the soul, and transforms. When I am seated in the awareness of a dot, I realize that I am not the role I am playing or the bodily costume I am wearing. I leave the limited and come into the unlimited. I spin the cycle of self-realization and see my whole story throughout the cycle. I see my elevated destiny, it brings intoxication and happiness. This discus become the weapon with which I nip any waste thoughts of Maya in the bud.

When I become careless, I waste thoughts and time – the two most valuable treasures I have. The three things that are the doorways to wastage, Baba says, are seeing others, thinking about others and listening to others. I see someone do something and I can’t stop thinking about it. There are thoughts of judgment, criticism, comparison, etc. Other times, there is time lost in what she said/he said. I listen to what others say, to their opinions rather than what Baba is telling me. Then I act on their advice, fall and there is time, thoughts, effort wasted in standing up again.

Stop this carelessness, says Baba, learn to apply a full-stop to waste.

Sometimes I try to put a full stop, but instead of putting a full stop, I put a long line i.e. I keep rewinding the scene in my head again and again. The situation has long passed but I cannot stop thinking about itinstead of a full stop, it becomes a question mark i.e. I think thoughts of why something happenedit becomes an exclamation mark i.e. thoughts of ‘can this too happen!’, ‘I never ever dreamt that…’These are ways to waste, says Baba. The way to accumulate in your account is to put a full stop, apply a dot. You need to have self-respect and remembrance of the Father, He says and then, you will be able to put a full stop to anything wasteful.

And don’t think that you will do this at the end, He cautions. You can do this easily only when you have practice of doing it over a long period of time. Situations always come without notice, they come suddenly. If you haven’t practiced applying a full-stop, you won’t be able to do it at that time. So for this, while you are in the midst of an activity, practice applying a full-stop and see if you can do it, He says. Every hour, take a couple minutes and check your thoughts, can you apply a full-stop i.e. can you check their quality and course correct instantly? Applying a dot is not about silencing the mind, it is about giving it direction.

While one thing is to stop wastage, the other is to invest and grow my treasures.

When I remember the Dot, I also remember the knowledge. Each point of knowledge is worth multi-millions and imbibing each point brings me multi-millions in income. I don’t just remember in my intellect but I experience it, make it mine. Then when a situation comes, I am able to apply the point of knowledge practically, I see the situation pan out very differently than before. I gain confidence, build up my faith, experience lightness and happiness. In other words, I invest and grow.

Sometimes, we get bored. We remember a point for a few days and then it feels stale. The key, Baba says, is variety. There are several points on any one topic in the murlis. Every day at amrit vela, make a variety of points emerge in your intellect for maintaining zeal and enthusiasm throughout the day, He teaches. Note down the points for zeal and enthusiasm from every day’s murli, and this variety will increase your zeal and enthusiasm. Become a zero in a variety of ways and keep your hero part in your awareness, He says. Then, you will remain full of zeal and enthusiasm and all obstacles will easily finish.

Another investment method- Baba reminds me that according to the law of the drama, every Brahmin soul has definitely received one specialty or another at the confluence age. Maybe I just have one specialty, that’s okay. When I recognize what that is and use it practically, by using that one, I will automatically develop other specialties. It is as if I put a zero next to the one and it is now 10! By continuing to put zeros with one, I will become full of all specialties, teaches Baba.

Become true businesspeople, He says. Learn to add zeros next to the One – go from 10 to 100 to 1000 to multi-millions. The more you remember the One, the more zeroes will be added and you become wealthy for the whole cycle. You are accumulating for the new world that is to come, He reminds me, there are no poor people there. Everyone there remains happy; there is no mention of sorrow. Your sins continue to be absolved by having remembrance of the Father and you become very wealthy! This is known as earning a true income from the true Father. Only this income will go with you.

All human beings go back empty-handed. You will go with your hands full. Remember the Father. 

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