Only brahmins become deities

Baba says, ‘those who become firm Brahmins will then become deities‘. You make Bharat into heaven. Therefore, you should have the intoxication of being a Brahmin.

To become a deity, I first need to know that I can become one! Next, I need an understanding of what that entails and how to become one. Only God can teach me this because only He knows the truth.

The Father says, ‘I only teach Brahmins‘. Why? because they are the souls that recognize the Father.

God comes simply, in the old ordinary body of Brahma and teaches souls. Only a few recognize me as I am, He says. I receive the knowledge in inheritance! As soon as I receive it, I become a brahmin. Only He tells me that I am a soul – a pure soul, His child. You were a deity and the world was heaven, He tells me, then you forgot who you are and fell into the vices. As you degraded, so did the world. I now teach you Raja yoga, through this study you once again transform from human to deity.

Deities are also human-beings, He teaches me, except they are completely pure, completely viceless, 100% righteous and completely non-violent. I cannot become a deity from a human without God’s love and His education. At a foundational level, He gives me Shrimat and a code of conduct for a pure lifestyle. Only God tells me: ‘lust is the greatest enemy’ and mandates purity in everything from my diet to my thoughts, words, actions, attitude, and vision. And unlike sanyasis, He teaches me to be pure while living in the midst of the world. Deities live in the world, they have relationships, families, but they live a pure family life.

I first change from a human to a Brahmin, then to an angel and then to a deity. That’s the process. The human->brahmin is instantaneous, the angel -> deity is easy too. The work lies in going from brahmin-> angel.

It is said that angels are created in the silence of God’s heart. The angel becomes one by being an apprentice of God, by observing God and then doing the same. As a brahmin, I learn from and observe God, I need to become subtle like Him i.e. I need to be a soul and connect with Him in that consciousness. Only God teaches me soul consciousness. There are many in the world who know of the ‘soul’ but they only speak of it abstractly, they don’t experience being one. I cannot get there without help from God, He is my only reference.

Baba says, ‘you know that you are becoming deities of heaven. You won’t be able to attain anything until you have this faith‘. The Father explains: You children have to become accurate in your thoughts, words and deeds. This takes effort.

His sanskars are my blueprint, my guide. I learn by observation and then in silence, with that power, I put what I learn into practice. People of the world talk about a lot of things- about standing up for oneself, about claiming one’s ‘rights’, about finding peace. All of these things, at a fundamental level, require that I know who I am. Unless I know my truth, have my identity and belonging, I cannot feel peaceful. Peace has very little to do with what’s outside, it is the religion, the very nature of the soul…but if I don’t know I am a soul, I cannot access it. I also won’t know what my rights are, let alone that I already have them. I say all the right words – tolerance, detachment, love etc. but I don’t feel them inside and I am unable to put them into practice without a reference. So people write books about them, they analyze, they try to breakdown the mechanism of love and tolerance but they are unable to give an experience. It remains theoretical. Lot of talking, very limited being.

Unless I become a brahmin, I don’t learn about the world cycle. Only God knows and teaches me about the beginning, middle and end of the cycle, of the Drama and of my role in it. In the womb of silence, I step inward and touch base with my own destiny. I see myself through the whole cycle, I see my full story. Because I realize, I trust the drama. When something happens or someone does something, I am able to go beyond the superficial, the apparent. I sense or discern the underlying feelings, the fear, the pain. I empathize, I give, I heal, I harmonize, I reconcile. People of the world, because they lack the full picture, get caught in analysis of why and what, the reason for this and that, in blame and justification.

Because of the knowledge of the cycle, I also recognize the specialty of this time as one of world transformation. People in the world have no real understanding of world transformation, the way Baba envisions it, it is beyond their imagination, completely off their radar. I cannot work toward something I don’t realize and recognize.

As a brahmin, I realize my role as an image of support and upliftment, as the roots of the human world tree that sits close to the Seed. This requires an unlimitedness, a benevolence, a level of generosity that is equal to God’s. I give not because I have an expectation of an outcome or return, I give because that’s what I do, it’s who I am. I am the Lighthouse that shows the path to lost ships. I do so through my being, not just through words but through words, attitude and vibrations simultaneously. I am what I speak of, I radiate. I become the instrument to lift the spirit out of sorrow, from its wandering by reminding them of their identity, their destiny, their Father and home.

This is a very different, a much higher consciousness than that of the best, most well-intentioned person in the world. In the world, generosity is about charity and co-operation. They help within the realm of body consciousness, it doesn’t touch the spirit or the soul. It is about giving and receiving help with one or the other expansion of I and mine – with a job, a relationship, with finances etc. When one does well, something else fails, there is no real relief or salvation. Only God delivers salvation through His knowledge, only He bestows liberation and liberation-in-life by teaching me the right way to live. Only He is the Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness- not for this one birth alone, but for the whole cycle.

People of the world are caught up in boundaries, in the differences that come with the expansion – this is my home, my family, my country, etc. A soul with an angelic consciousness has risen above it all. In fact, an angel is puzzled by the concept of ‘mine’. I am who I am with everyone. Everyone is a soul, a point of light. God teaches me to return to the essence.

The Father says, ‘I come and tell you true things. I make you into masters of heaven. You are now at the confluence age – neither in hell nor in heaven, you are in between. The anchors of those who have become Brahmins have been raised from this dirty world. You have left the shore of the iron-aged world’. Do I have the intoxication of being a Brahmin?

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