Becoming a jewel of good wishes

Baba says, ‘become a jewel of good wishes and liberate the world from worry‘.

Baba comes at the end of the confluence age to transform the whole world from hell into heaven. Everything of this old world has to go, He says, it is not worth living in. And so He doesn’t try to fix the old world, it transforms it completely. Why? because this old world is steeped in body consciousness to such an extent that the intellects of souls are damaged beyond repair. Instead of unity and a feeling of complementarity, there is division and competition. Rather than understand that we need to all work together, co-exist as in a tapestry- each bringing our own uniqueness, we compete and compare. As a result there is jealousy, criticism, judgment, labeling, and all the rest.

When the individual souls are insecure, worried and peaceless inside, there cannot be peace outside. When souls are not liberated inside, there cannot be freedom outside.

Your purification leads to world-transformation, says Baba. When you change, the world changes.

Unless I feel full inside, liberated inside, content inside, I cannot give to others. When I am empty, I will hustle for the same things as the others, I want a share of the same pie and so there cannot be giving, there is only taking. That has been the story of the last half of the cycle -taking, taking and more taking. The more I do this, the more I move away from myself because like it or not, I am a deity soul and my original nature is to give, not take.

In order to get to a place of contentment, I need to realize who I am, the very first thing Baba reminds me of. The more I am able to practice stabilizing myself in my truth, the easier it will be to feel content. Constantly look at your elevated fortune, says Baba, remember who you are. At this time, I have the knowledge of myself, the Father, the cycle and the tree. I am the roots of the human tree, seated near the Seed. I am God’s helper in this task of world-transformation. When I can remember that and become an embodiment of that awareness, a lot changes. I not only feel full inside knowing that I have found everything I ever wanted. I also have feelings of benevolence and compassion for others.

When I don’t know myself and look at others, I see defects and judge and label. I then put up walls and trigger defense mechanisms and push people into a corner. But really I push myself into a corner. I deprive myself of freedom and drink the poison of negative feelings. I think I am protecting myself from that person but really the only way to protect myself is to keep an open mind, is to protect my attitude. Doesn’t mean I deny. The other person may indeed have a sanskar that I need to be careful about, protect myself from…that’s fine and even prudent. But let me not do so with a bad feeling toward the soul. I learn to separate the soul from the sanskar, I reject the sanskar but not the soul.

I don’t have to judge and label for to do so is to take the law in my own hands, says Baba. That’s not for me to do. Let me trust Baba and the Drama. They will take care of the soul, teach them what they need to learn. I lend my co-operation to Baba, the drama and the soul by remaining open to change, by keeping a clean vision of brotherhood, of love.

When I am stable in my identity, in my place in the tree, I don’t have thoughts such as: ‘why do I have to adjust all the time, let her change this time’, ‘let him do something this time, then I will’ etc. I am able to keep on giving because I was never doing it for them, I was doing it because that’s who I am.

I come to Baba and fall in love with Him. I wouldn’t mind just having this one relationship, the one I had been searching for! I have found true love, companionship and belonging. I don’t want anything else. But here’s the thing- Baba has a big family! When I marry Baba, when I become His, I also inherit the whole family! And this is what He teaches me – to be within the family, to relate in the right way. God never takes the soul and keeps them to Himself, He facilitates and gives us back to ourselves.

The reason I have trouble is because I either go all in or stay all the way out. Neither is correct. I have to learn to step in and out at the right time. I have to learn to work with others without getting entangled, without developing attachments. That happens when I go all in – I see something good, I get impressed by their virtues or skill, then I inadvertently attach myself to them, then I inevitably develop expectations from them which will fail from time to time and my image of them comes shattering down. Then, feelings turn sour to criticism and judgment etc. Let me be mature and learn to stay within the line of the code of conduct. Unless I am seated on my seat of self-respect, I will not be able to relate safely. Unless I am full and an uninfluenced individual, I cannot be successful at the collective.

Something else I have to do is to remain open, always. I am a student till the end, let me never think I know everything. Baba teaches me daily something new about myself, about how to be, let me be open to learning it. When I don’t do this is when I relate the wrong way and think the knowledge is wrong. It’s when I have thoughts like: ‘I tolerate so much but it doesn’t work…people walk all over me!’. When I am learning, I realize that I have been doing it the wrong way, without being seated on the seat of self-respect i.e. I didn’t use it as a power.

To be God’s child is to be elevated like Him. He says, whoever comes into contact or connection with you, and whenever they come into contact with you, whether they are part of the Brahmin family or whether they are other souls, constantly give them the gift of sweet words, the gift of words of love; and, secondly, constantly give them a gift of one or other virtue or power. You can give a gift in even one second. You cannot say that you did not have any time, that neither did the receiver have any time nor did the giver have any time. However, if you have an attitude of elevated wishes and elevated feelings, then with one second’s thought, with your drishti and a smile from your heart, you can give someone a lot in even a second. Give a gift to whomever comes; do not let them go back empty handed.

To serve through good wishes is what is serving through the mind, He explains. Even when someone gives you bad wishes or does something wrong, even then to have feelings of mercy, feelings of co-operation and feelings of giving courage – this is known as being one who serves through the mind. While in one place, you can serve with the mind in all directions.  For serving through words and actions, you have to go there physically, but service through the mind can be done from wherever you are.

Souls in the world today due to body consciousness, due to selfishness have become beads of worry, He says. You have to become jewels of good wishes because even contact for a short time with souls who have good wishes becomes the basis of all their worries coming to an end. So, today, the world needs such well-wishing souls. This is why you souls, you jewels of good wishes, are extremely loved by the world, He says, when they come into contact with you, they feel that they cannot see anyone else with such good wishes anywhere in world.

So let me make a pledge today:

  1. For all time and for all souls I will transform all other feelings and constantly just have feelings of good wishes.
  2. I will constantly continue to give elevated co-operation to enable others to move ahead of myself.
  3. In order to create a new world, that is, an elevated world, I will co-operate with everyone with my elevated wishes.
  4. I will finish waste thoughts and thoughts of others for all time. This means I will put a full stop to the past, become a point, a jewel, and continue to give light to everyone in the world with the rays of my elevated feelings, elevated wishes and feelings of love and of making them powerful.

This transformation brings souls close to their Father, to their inheritance of love and belonging. And this is what becomes instrumental in ushering in the new world, my word.

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