Being accurate

Baba says, ‘You have to become accurate at this time‘. To the extent you become accurate, you claim your inheritance for your future 21 births from God.

Baba comes at the end of the iron age, at the auspicious confluence age to transform the world from hell into heaven. There, there will be one religion and one kingdom; everyone are deities, completely pure, viceless, non-violent. They don’t quarrel with each other, He says.

The world at this time is hell. It is at the opposite end of the spectrum where there is only quarrel driven by body consciousness. Everyone talks of peace but don’t realize that in order to have peace outside, there first has to be peace inside. The intellects of souls have degraded from being divine to devilish. Rather than spiritual love and harmony, there is strife – it is all about ‘winning’, ‘approvals’, comparison, competition, you vs me, mine vs. yours, etc. And so life is based on fear and becomes about protecting what I incorrectly consider to be mine. As a result, there are quarrels, arguments, and even war.

Baba says, ‘you are My family, you are even living with Me’. But at this time, not everyone is accurate.

Accuracy means patience, understanding and maturity, explains Baba. When I live my life accurately, I remain happy, carefree and light. Else, it becomes a life of burden that weighs me down.

Even in God’s family, Baba says, there is unhappiness from body consciousness. We transfer the attachments of ‘I and mine’ into Brahmin life and base our happiness on limited attainments – ‘my idea has to be accepted’, ‘I can do that too..’, ‘I am better, more qualified..’, ‘I should be invited to the meeting…’etc. It is one thing to have opinions but another to be attached to them. Offer your opinion as the master, but then become detached and accept the decision of the collective. Often I either get attached and sulk when my idea or opinion is not accepted or I completely withdraw and don’t offer my ideas at all. Neither is accurate and results in a feeling of isolation, creates a lack of belonging. I need the maturity to step in and then step out at the right time.

At a fundamental level, Baba has given me disciplines and a code of conduct to follow. If I decide that I will do Amritvela whenever I wake up instead of at the right time, miss Murli because I was ‘busy with service’, that is not accuracy. At a more subtle level, accuracy means that every thought has meaning. To say things like: I just said that, I didn’t mean it or it just happened, etc. is not accuracy.

Baba gives me Shrimat daily in the Murli for whatever I need that day. But when I lack the courage to follow a particular direction – perhaps because it would require me to let go of an attachment, a crutch that I believe I need – I tell myself: that was not for me and proceed to think for myself. Then I come up with options and get confused and think: should I do this or that? is this right or not? Baba says, all you have to do is follow. Then, He becomes responsible. Mixing dictates of my own mind might seem like the way to short term success but leads to permanent sorrow. Then, I call out Baba to rescue me, waste time, lose happiness. This is not maturity or accuracy, says Baba. You have to follow Shrimat accurately.

Amritvela is the time to have powerful remembrance- it is my time to celebrate a meeting with the Beloved, experience the combined form, fill myself with the powers. Instead, I use the time to complain about how I don’t have good yoga, how so and so did/said something, etc etc. Then, at Murli, when it is the time to be the Godly student, I decide to remember Baba in the home. This is no accurate remembrance or study, says Baba. I miss out in both cases on the attainments to be made at that time. Let me have the understanding of time and stabilize myself in the right consciousness at the right time.

Baba says, remember with a lot of love. Remembrance is connection- it is where I touch base with my own elevated truth, my destiny and with the Father. It is where I just be…where I am present. Like a gardener, I cultivate my garden, nourish it, grow it. But sometimes, I demand things to happen, I demand to have a realization just like how in bhakti, devotees demand a vision of the deity. I do the same with other aspects of my life too and get agitated when I have trouble with a specific sanskar etc. This is also body consciousness where I demand things, expect things to happen in a certain way at a certain time. Instead, I have to be patient with myself, give myself time to be, learn. A gardener cannot plant the seed and demand that the plant appear in 2 days! He can however ensure he is checking in on the area regularly, watering it adequately etc. That’s maturity, accuracy.

When I come across a soul with tough sanskars, I immediately put them in a corner, judge them and label them. I put up barriers and trigger defense mechanisms when I am around them. This is not Baba’s way. Putting them in a corner is really me putting myself in a corner. I think I am protecting myself, I really am not. It is good to be careful around the sanskar, protect myself from it but not reject the soul. It is not my place to judge a soul and label them, that is violence. Let me trust Baba and drama to take care of the soul. I offer my co-operation by not judging and staying open to change. That is maturity, accuracy.

Sometimes in my eagerness to help someone, I can get overinvolved. This is the story of Sita in the Ramayan where I cross the line of the code of conduct i.e. get off my seat of self-respect in the name of doing good. It can only lead to attachments and entanglements and as a result to sorrow and suffering. This is not the accurate method, says Baba. Let me understand and maintain healthy boundaries. It’s like the birds who always fly together in flocks but they also maintain a safe distance between them.

I see something good in someone- a virtue or skill and I get impressed. I inadvertently put them up on a high pedestal and follow them as a role model. When they inevitably make a mistake or behave in an unexpected manner, my image of them comes shattering down. I become critical, and judgmental. Don’t look at others, cautions Baba. Everyone is an effort-maker at this time. Follow only the One Father. That is understanding and accuracy.

There are four subjects in our study and I need to do well on all four to claim the full inheritance, to pass with honors. But often, I focus on one or two and deprioritize the rest. To be good at knowledge, Baba says is not a big deal. But if you lack remembrance, you will lack the power to imbibe the knowledge. Unless you imbibe, you cannot serve. If there is a situation, I might know all the right points, even speak of it loudly but inside it is a different story! I say ‘this is drama, it is benevolent’ but inside my mind, I am crying wondering ‘why me!’. This is a pundit, says Baba. Similarly, getting busy with activities does not make it service. You have to be a Rajayogi, a karmayogi, He teaches me. Your drishti, face, behavior should reflect spirituality, they should reveal the Father and His knowledge.

The Father is establishing the kingdom of Vishnu, the land of happiness through Brahma. You have to make an effort to become accurate at this time, says Baba, only then will you be able to claim the inheritance of the kingdom.

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