The unlimited sacrificial fire

Baba says, ‘the sacrificial fire is not a building; this is an unlimited aspect‘. It is the sacrificial fire into which the whole world is to be sacrificed.

In bhakti, the yagya is a physical fire lit within a kund or an altar. It is called a sacrificial fire because devotees sacrifice various items – grains, ghee etc. into this fire as per the ritual. The purpose of the yagya is usually to ward off a bad omen or to bring something – rain or abundance or peace etc. into the world.

Here, Baba says, the yagya is not a physical fire nor does it refer to a physical building – like a center or any other location. This is, He explains, an unlimited aspect. So, what is the yagya then?

This is a sacrificial fire of knowledge. Each Brahmin soul is a log placed in the altar. I am lit when I connect with the Supreme Soul. And so this is an unlimited yagya with many logs all over the world. The purpose is to transform the whole world, to reclaim the lost sovereignty. Unlike the worldly yagyas, this is not for a specific period, this yagya spans the entire confluence age and is ongoing 24/7. It therefore requires that I, the log, remain lit 24/7 by being connected to the Supreme, 24/7. So it’s not just when sitting down that I remember Baba, I do it throughout the day while walking and moving around. He says, ‘even when your hands are performing work, your heart should be with the Beloved’.

You have to take great care of this yagya, says Baba. To take care of the yagya means I ensure the fire keeps burning and not just burning but ensure it is a stable, tall fire. Therefore, firstly, anything that gets in the way of my or others’ connection with Baba is an obstacle in the yagya. Secondly, if ingredients are not sacrificed regularly into the fire, it fizzles out and is therefore an obstacle as well.

  1. For half a cycle, I have been deceived by following the dictates of Ravan. Sacrifice these into the fire, says Baba, and follow only Shrimat. This protects you from performing sinful actions that cause the self and others sorrow. Where there is sorrow, the burden prevents me from remembering Baba.
  2. I have to surrender my worldly possessions – talents, skills, physical wealth etc. It doesn’t mean I give them up and move to the center. It means I use them for Baba’s task, I spiritualize them, else, I identify with them.
  3. I have to renounce the rubbish that I have carried with me for half a cycle. This is the vast expansion of various ‘I’s and ‘mine’s. I give up the ‘I’s and ‘mine’s of the outside world – my job, my position, my status etc. but then subtly, I build it back up within Brahmin life. The attachments i.e. dependencies run so deep that I have neither time nor the strength and motivation to remember Baba.
  4. You must even renounce this old body into the fire, says Baba. My physical senses – eyes see, ears hear, tongue tastes something and I can’t stop thinking about it. This breaks my link with Baba.
  5. When I spend the day gossiping about this and that, I cannot remember Baba.
  6. When I am easily influenced by others- by what they say or do, it pulls me away from Baba. Someone is rude and I feel easily upset, hurt, angry. On the flip side, when I am impressed by someone, that becomes a distraction too. I have to learn to watch the drama as a detached observer, says Baba.

There are many who create obstacles in the yagya, says Baba. In the physical yagya, it is said that demons created obstcales but here, the demons are within me. He gives me a simple formula: Surrender + renunciation = trustee.

When I become a trustee, I become the caretaker of the yagya, I take responsibility for it’s protection. Until then, I am only co-operating at best because I either haven’t renounced or surrendered or both. So, I will help Baba’s task when it suits my convenience, when my preferences are met. Else, I offer reasons or excuses for why I can’t or won’t or couldn’t. Then, I expect to be thanked, or recognized or given attribution…whatever. That’s what people in the world do- they help when requested, not on their own and then there is always an expectation.

Baba says, I don’t need assistance, I have My children. You have to belong to the Father. My children will take care of the family business, He says with pride. This is not just My yagya, you too are the creators, He reminds me. A trustee is a child.

When I am a trustee, I treat everything as something entrusted to me by Baba. Even my body is given to me for service, I pay attention to every thought, word and deed, to time. I don’t waste any of the treasures. I clean the yagya clean by renouncing the rubbish that gets in the way- I burn them in the fire. This is not something I do all at once, it clean daily. As I move forward on my journey, as I realize who I am, I identify the falsehoods that I no longer need and offer them into the fire. In fact, I sacrifice the whole old world i.e. the old ways and patterns of Ravan and I make Baba and our family business my ONLY business, my world. My attitude is: Baba, whatever you feed me, I will eat that… There are no selfish desires, needs or wants…, I have the awareness that I have come home, found my eternal Father, found my original identity, I become one with all rights. There are no crutches.

And just like that, I become a sovereign – self-sufficient, complete, pure, content. When asked for an introduction, a sovereign soul offers only that: I, am a child of God. It requires nothing to hold it up.

You must have so much love and respect for this yagya. You change from a shell into a diamond, from unrighteous to righteous, from an orphan to a child with all rights. Your whole life is transformed. It is when you don’t have the understanding of what this yagya is, of what it means, that you don’t have regard for it, says Baba.

Tell everyone of this yagya, He says. There is no expense here, no need for land or buildings. All you need to do is remember the Sweet Father with a lot of love. The best and really, the only convincing way to tell others about the Father and the yagya is to ensure the flames are tall and bright such that they can see it for themselves from wherever they are. That, which is to say, my life, my transformation is the proof. It can happen only when my remembrance is powerful and constant which in turn can only happen when I have sacrificed all the distractions. Dishonesty and falsehood doesn’t work here, says Baba. You have to be honest, that is, soul conscious. When I am, the Father is pleased. When I am, I become pure. Purity is sovereignty.

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