The third eye

Baba says, ‘no one has a third eye of knowledge‘. Not to know the Father is called ignorance.

In bhakti, devotees sing: Show the path to us blind ones O God! But, in reality, most people in the world think that they are very enlightened, says Baba. They think: we can go up to the moon, we can travel to the sky and the stars. What can people not do today? They equate these accomplishments to enlightenment. And yet, the song says, ‘we are in darkness’. So, in what sense is there darkness?

Baba explains that while people in the world have all the material possessions, they don’t have that which they need most in life: peace and happiness. A life that should be so full of peace and happiness is in fact, full of sorrow. Considering all the progress humans have made…people have even created medicines and cures for so many illnesses and diseases and yet, the number of sick people is continually increasing, sorrow and peacelessness is in fact increasing, hopelessness is increasing! So, there is darkness in this sense. This is why they call out: You have to come now!

Who are they calling out to? They are not calling out to a person for this, they are calling out to God.

But they don’t know who God is or how He will remove their sorrow, says Baba. To not know the One you are calling out to, to not know the Father is ignorance. I come and give My own introduction, this is knowledge, He says.

People don’t have anything to give- this includes sages, holy men and great souls. No human being can show the path to another human being because everyone is would be like the blind leading the blind, says Baba. Everyone is blind because no one has the knowledge. Only the Father has the knowledge of the Creator and the creation and of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He gives me this knowledge i.e. He gives me the third eye of knowledge. With this eye, I am able to travel the three worlds and I become the knower of the three aspects of time. I realize what I really am, what I have become and how I can once again, become my true self again. With this eye, I discern the truth from the falsehoods such that I am able to free myself from the bondages of false. In other words, Baba reveals to me the secret to liberation-in-life. When I am liberated, I have peace and happiness.

One of the falsehoods in bhakti is that the third eye is a physical eye. I know now from Baba that it is not! No one can have three eyes, not even deities. The third eye is an unlimited aspect – it refers to having knowledge. A deity is also a human being, Baba explains, except they have divine virtues. No human being can have three eyes! or four arms or ornaments in those arms! These are all things that have to be understood with the help of knowledge. It is human beings that become deities and devils – based on their qualities. There is no difference in the body or the form, it is only in the qualities.

Similarly, Ravan is shown as a person with 10 heads! I realize when I see through the third eye of knowledge that Ravan is not a person, he symbolizes the vices. The 10 heads stands mean – 5 vices of a woman and 5 of a man. When men and women are impure, the world is so unhappy and when men and women are pure, the world is happy, they are naturally healthy.

Another falsehood is that this whole world is Maya, this wealth and prosperity, even these bodies are Maya. But no!, the Father explains that Maya is the subtle form of the five vices. Maya causes sorrow and since wealth, the body, prosperity are a means to happiness, they cannot be Maya. It is because I act on the basis of Maya or the vices, everything in the world has become a reason for sorrow, He explains. This is why the Father says: Now, get rid of Maya and you will then receive happiness for all time from your body, from your wealth and from the world, just as the deities did.

The Father says: Look, this is the eye of knowledge. It is only with this eye of knowledge that you can attain happiness and peace for all time. When I don’t know the Father or when my intellect is divorced from the Father, it is the darkness of ignorance and I come into sorrow. I become an orphan with no guiding force.

This is why despite their intelligence, people make things that will bring them sorrow even though they are trying for happiness. Just look at the bombs etc., says Baba. If this very science were to be used in a better way, they could experience happiness from lots of things. However, they have divorced intellects at the time of destruction and this is why all the work done by those intellects is wrong. Because they don’t know God, they don’t have love for God. Everyone has love for Maya.

But when things go wrong, everyone blames God! They say: why did God let the world become this way? why did He let us fall? But I don’t let you fall, says Baba. This is the law of nature. Everything that is new must become old. Then, it becomes new again. It is eternal! He is remembered as the Purifier. If we didn’t become impure, then there would be no need for purification. This is a cycle and therefore this cycle has to be understood and we have to make ourselves pure from impure. We have to become worthy of worship! It is only then that there is praise, He says. There is praise of those who become worthy and of the One of makes me that way. That proves, Baba says, that the soul and Supreme Soul are different, they are not the same. You must not be confused by these things, He says.

We have to become worthy, we have to elevate ourselves, we have to make effort. The Father comes and gives us the understanding of what real effort is. Until this time, no one taught us how to make that effort, because all those who teach are themselves caught up in the cycle. The One who elevates us has come now and He shows us the effort we have to make to become elevated. To the extent that we imbibe this, accordingly we receive a reward. We have all of this knowledge in our intellects. We have to pay attention to what we have to do and what effort we have to make. The cycle has to continue in its own time, at its own pace.

Only this is the ascending period in the cycle, every other time is descending. The Father comes now to carry out the elevated task of purification and transformation and so we have to benefit from His presence and from this time. Christ, Buddha or other great souls came too but they came during the descending period. They don’t make anyone pure, they descend. It is only the One who comes and purifies the impure, that is, He takes all souls into liberation and salvation and so it is the responsibility of just the One. Therefore, we now have to claim that fortune from the Father.

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