Take your kingdom back from Ravan

Baba says, ‘you have to take your kingdom back from Ravan‘. He is everyone’s enemy.

We lived in heaven for half a cycle and then, Ravan took away our kingdom from us. He did it by making us forget who we are. Baba comes at the end of the cycle and reminds us of who we are once again, gives us His own introduction and the knowledge of the cycle.

This knowledge brings tremendous happiness, says Baba, but the children forget.

So much so that we get back into building our futures in Ravan’s kingdom. We get engrossed in the daily hustle- in winning, in startegizing our next move to the top, in getting even…etc. We see something wrong and we feel entitled to complain, get angry, correct, criticize. We are attracted by someone or something or feel repulsed by someone or something and we can’t stop thinking about it/them. It doesn’t matter what I’m busy in, the end result is that my intellect is separated from Baba and my own truth. And this is what Ravan does- He spins his many deceptive webs to entangle us and take us further and further away from ourselves and the Father. These webs look so shiny and so important that even if someone were to talk to me about Baba or offer me material to read or invite me to a program, I’d decline saying I’m busy! And I really am busy….with Ravan.

We think we belong to Baba anyway, I understand the knowledge, what else is there to do? Baba says, you are not doing the Father any favors. If you want to reclaim your kingdom, you have to make effort. You have to conquer Maya and teach others to do the same.

Ask yourself, says Baba: despite all the things you do in Ravan’s world by following his directions, are you truly peaceful and happy? You do more and more in the pursuit of happiness and in reality, you become more and more peaceless and unhappy. Shiv Baba says: I have come to make you children constantly happy. Now follow Shrimat and become elevated. You children are now being given the understanding of how the world cycle turns.

Only this is the ascending period in the cycle, every other time is descending. The Father comes now to carry out the elevated task of purification and transformation and so we have to benefit from His presence and from this time.

The way to defeat Maya and Ravan is to do the opposite of what I’ve been doing so far: I turn my face away from them and toward the Father. I do this by having all relationships with Baba- I eat with Him, walk with Him,…make Him my world. Mine is One ShivBaba and none other! When I do this, when I stay with the Father, I experience myself to be a master almighty authority. No one is able to defeat me or charm me.

When I am no longer lured by the many attractions of the old world, Maya spins a different web- she sows self-doubt. She makes me think that I am a sinner, that I have made too many mistakes, that the destination is too high. She makes me think that perhaps this is too big a task for me, perhaps I am not the one to win back the kingdom, perhaps I am better off leaving.

To think this way is a sign of weakness, says Baba. Even the people in bhakti who consider themselves to be authorities of the scriptures have so much faith based on something that is false! They hold on their scriptures like it is the truth, they constantly have it in their intellects and and think themselves capable to perform any task based on their faith in the scripture. Those who are authorities of science think they can go to the moon or any place they want, they have so much faith! You, are the master almighty authority! if you were to remember your authority, you would have such unshakable faith, says Baba.

If you constantly remember your authority, you will never experience this path to be difficult. No matter how great the obstacle or the task before you, Baba says, with the support of the Almighty Authority, you overcome the obstacle easily, you perform any task easily. You also have Brahma Baba as your example, Baba reminds me. You don’t even have to think if you must perform a particular action or not, all you have to do is copy him!

If despite receiving such an easy and elevated support, I don’t take benefit, then that is weakness, says Baba. It is also laziness. Now, become powerful and make others the same. By considering yourself to be an almighty authority, you will automatically imbibe three main things within yourself, says Baba: 1) faith, 2) intoxication and 3) fearlessness. To the extent that you have faith, you will have that much intoxication and fearlessness. If you are not victorious in your task, it means one of these three is lacking.

Even those with false authority speak and move along with faith and intoxication in their intellects. And even though I have the true authority, because I forget my authority, I become ordinary. Souls of the world who are searching for peace and happiness see me and think: this is the same as what other ordinary people are doing. They do speak about the specialty but they also think that this is no different from what other entities do. They find one or two things to be unique but not much else.

Baba says, when you remember who you are, when you remember your original religion, when you remember Whom you belong to…or in other words, when you remember your authority, your every thought, word, deed would be special and not comparable to others. There would be a difference of night and day! The difference between night and day is so great that people don’t have to search to find a difference, it is clear, it is visible.

Souls have heard and seen a lot, they want an experience. When they come, they should experience immediately that this is no ordinary place, this knowledge is not ordinary, this is truth, this can only be God’s work. Just as the authority of the scriptures in visible in those who recite them, your authority should be visible in your every word, through your face and activity, says Baba.

Never forget that yours is the spiritual, imperishable authority that has been given to you by the Almighty Authority Himself. Always remain in the awareness of your authority, He says, do service day and night! Take your kingdom back from Ravan.

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