Concentration and stability

Baba says, ‘practice concentration and stability‘. This is how you will become a world benefactor.

A world benefactor, by definition, benefits other souls. At this time, Baba says, the desire of all souls is to be able to stabilize and concentrate their wandering intellects and mischievous minds. For me to be able to help them, I need to first have the practice of concentration and stability.

Baba says, ‘you can easily give a lecture or teach the course when you mind is in fluctuation but you won’t be able to serve through the mind’. For that I need concentration and stability.

The root cause for a lack of concentration and stability is body consciousness. When I identify with the temporary body, I entangle myself in the vast expansion of the false ‘I and mine’s. I base my happiness and sense of contentment upon accomplishments, approvals, praise and other limited attainments. When I receive it, there is happiness. When I don’t, there is sorrow. My stage is constantly going up and down- there is not stability. And because I am constantly hustling to protect my various identities, there cannot be any concentration, the mind is always scattered in a 100 different places.

A lighthouse is known for concentration and stability. Even though it stays in one place, it sends out a concentrated and consistent beam of light in all directions to show lost, wandering ships the way back home. It is also always built on top of a rock, not on sand because a lighthouse is always stable. It cannot afford to wobble or shake.

When I let go of the false I and mine based on the true understanding of who I am and Whom I belong to, I create stability. Soul consciousness is the rock I stand on – I am a pure, peaceful soul and mine is one Baba and none other. This brings stability. The practice of introversion and solitude makes my intellect powerful. Practice stabilizing yourself for a few minutes in any one stage – the seed stage or the lighthouse-mighthouse stage, the angelic stage etc., advises Baba, practice this throughout the day, stop in between your activities and check if you can concentrate your mind. Practice applying a full-stop when there is waste because this comes only with practice over a long period of time, He teaches. No matter what is going on, I have to be able to maintain good wishes and pure feelings.

Body consciousness brings bad omens, says Baba. Give the donation of this false consciousness and the bad omens will be removed. The souls are waiting, Baba reminds me, they are looking everywhere for peace, for power. You are the instrument to give this to them, you are the world benefactors.

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