Transfer your bag and baggage to heaven

Baba says, ‘transfer all your bags and baggage for heaven‘. There, you will receive a kingdom for 21 births. 

I receive my inheritance of heaven only from the Father. The deity world sovereignty is your birthright, says Baba. I claim that to the extent that I become the Father’s helper now.

The new world is the opposite of the old world that we live in today. That will be heaven, this is hell. There, there will be deities, here humans are more like devils. The thoughts, words, actions, the sanskars are all therefore completely different – they will be pure, peaceful, loving, kind….naturally.

Everyone is now impure, says Baba. The impurity is body consciousness. When I think of myself as the temporary body, then I am caught up in the vast expansion of ‘I and mine’. I become inherently selfish – it is I vs. you, it’s about being right, winning. I identify with my talents, skills, material accomplishments etc. When my thinking is selfish, as are the feelings, words actions, and my very attitude. Clearly, this does not make me eligible to be a resident of the new world.

You must transfer all your bags and baggage for heaven, says Baba. That means, I become a trustee.

I consider everything, including the body as Baba’s and I use it with that consciousness. I don’t use anything that has been placed in my trust as my own, I follow directions from the owner. I receive directions from Baba every day for every aspect of life – for my thoughts, my words, my actions, diet,…everything. To follow His directions accurately is to be a trustee. When I operate this way, my every thought, word, action will be elevated, they will be spiritualized, they will automatically serve. I become the Father’s helper. In return I receive the self-sovereignty for the new cycle. This is insuring directly with the Father. I am the Insurance Magnate, He says. He exchanges all my old things for new.

Baba says, ‘I Myself do not take them‘. I transfer everything and give them to you in the golden age.

By making me His trustee, Baba helps me remove my attachment from the old rubbish, from the I and mine and become a complete beggar. He helps me die alive from the selfish ways and gives me a new life, a meaningful life that serves. By dying from the old, I learn to live again, I become righteous again. Only when I become a beggar by renouncing the old can I then become a prince in the new world.

Becoming a trustee also enables me to be carefree. When I think of myself as the one responsible, there is constant worry, fear and anxiety of ‘what to do…’, ‘how to do..’ etc. Don’t waste the treasure of thoughts, says Baba. Apply a full-stop! When I am a trustee, the Father is responsible, He is the Protector and Benefactor, I simply follow His directions. This is what Brahma baba did 200% and became the #1 victorious jewel. The Father said and Brahma baba did.

The Father’s instructions for me are simple: Manmanabhav! That’s all. Remember Me and the inheritance and you will become the masters of heaven which is your birthright, He says. Spin the discus of self-realization throughout the day. Remember, it was you that were residents of heaven before, it was you that were deities before, you are simply becoming that again. Maintain happiness, He says. My happiness attracts others to the Father, it inspires them to claim their birthright, their inheritance. Just as the Father’s part is to benefit everyone, so you too must become benefactors like the Father, He says. Benefit yourselves and everyone else.

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