The importance of time

Baba says, ‘the golden age is separate from the iron age‘. It is very easy to understand how this cycle turns.

Baba tells us to constantly spin the cycle in our intellect. But why is this important?

It gives me the understanding of the whole story- the beginning, middle and end. It tells me exactly where I am in the story right now and what is about to come. In that sense, it is a map that tells me my current location, how far the destination is and how to get there.

I know that now is the time to return home. I have been on this stage playing my part for a long time and I know that the drama is winding down. It will soon be time to pack up and leave. Knowing this puts me in that mindset. I start looking around, ensuring I have packed that which is mine that I need to take home with me. On the same token, I also ensure that I haven’t inadvertently packed something that doesn’t belong to me. If I do end up taking stuff that isn’t mine, I’ll be stopped at the security check at the gate and there will be unnecessary hassle, delay and stress. So, I pay attention.

Knowing the time also gives me happiness, a sense of calm and I start to look forward. I’ve been here a long time, have been working hard- so may roles, scenes. Then, as the drama got into it’s 2nd act, there were so may characters I needed to work alongside with- that meant, I had to get to know their styles, their strengths and then harmonize with them. I forgot my lines so many times….so much has happened. But knowing the time means I put all that behind me! I’ll be home soon! My Dad’s already here and waiting for me. As soon as I’m finished with my last scene, I’m gone.

It doesn’t mean I haven’t had fun, I have. It’s been a gripping story, an extraordinary ride I’ve been on but you know what…it’s time to go home now. I’ll get to do this again when I come back and I will come back, that too will happen. But now….it’s time to go home.

I also know that once the last scene is done, they will tear down the set. So I don’t need to clean up, spend time putting things back on shelves, or decorating the room with flowers or trinkets or anything else I would have otherwise done. It’s all coming apart.

Can you imagine not knowing what time it is? Unfortunately, that’s the situation of most of the world, says Baba. They think there is a lot of time left in the cycle. They think the iron age is still a baby and that there are thousands of years left in it. It’s like the clock is out of battery and has stopped and no one has found out yet. Because of this fundamental error, souls are in deep sleep. No one is packing up. Not just are they not packing up but they are investing more in the old house, the old world that is in decay and is about to be torn down. They have no happiness, just pain and suffering as they are still caught up in the daily hustle, in the navigation of ups and downs with nothing different to look forward to. Because they don’t know the cycle, they think this is what life is, has been and always will be. There is nothing else…it’s like being stuck in a time loop and not in a good loop but in the iron age loop.

I, on the other hand, know that after I return home, I will come back but will come back to a different world, a different set -it will be heaven! I know the story restarts again. So I am mentally prepared for that too. I’m already thinking about that world, how beautiful it will be, my part there, who my co-actors will be, my costumes etc. That’s what’s going on in my mind, not what’s happening in this iron aged world – it wouldn’t help because the two worlds are completely different, they are separate, the exact opposite of each other.

But in all honesty, the best time is this short time in between the old and new when I know the difference! It is these last few hours when I have the full story in my intellect and I still remember it all. I can still run through it in my mind and go: ‘Wow!’ I know and am aware of the past, present and the future and therefore can marvel at the range, appreciate the contrast. And the best of the best? did I mention Dad’s here! it’s been a long while, I’m tired. Just knowing He’s here, literally right here to pick me up, that He’s smiling at me right now, that I can speak to Him between scenes, glance at Him, sit with Him during my breaks, chat with Him about my story…I already feel a deep sense of relief, a contentment, a happiness. There is so much to talk about, smile about and be amazed about- it’s like my head is overflowing!

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