Awareness is the basis of attitude

Baba says, ‘the basis for success is an elevated attitude‘. It is the seed while success is the fruit.

The basis of an elevated attitude is awareness – of who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. I had forgotten this completely, had no idea of the present time, I was completely lost. Then Baba came knocking on my intellect and opened it with the knowledge. ‘You are not what you think you are’, He told me, ‘you are so much more, so much better than what you believe yourself to be!’. He is here to help me experience my own greatness but He can only help me if I too believe in what He is telling me. If I believe something different then I am effectively blocking His co-operation and then there is nothing He can do. He is blessing me everyday with the knowledge but I have to also bless myself by imbibing it. God can only help those who help themselves!

He tells me daily that I am a pure, peaceful, loving soul. He tells me that I am His child. He tells me that I have within me all that I need and all that I will be able to take with me when I leave. Do I believe this? Or do I still believe what Maya, the politician, tells me? Do I believe that accomplishments, positions, status, applause, praise etc. are what will fulfill me, make me happy? Baba tells me that I, the soul, am the roots of the human tree. He tells me that I am a benevolent being, equal to Him! Do I believe this? or do I believe that I am a body and that I need to hustle, outsmart and fight for my ‘rights’?

Unless I believe in His vision of me, unless I accept that to be my truth and actually experience it, I will not experience unlimited disinterest toward the old world. It’s gravity will still overpower the truth because I haven’t experienced the truth whereas I have experienced limited happiness. It’s all I have, however false, and I don’t feel ready to let go. Unless there is unlimited disinterest, letting go feels extremely hard, like a sacrifice. It’s based purely on knowledge in the intellect, not on experience.

And so Baba tells me again and again, ‘remember who you are and remember Me alone’. I experience all attainments from Him. And when I taste the attainments, when I experience truth, purity, selflessness, peace, unconditional love, then I don’t want or need anything else. I am full, content, and therefore, happy. Having tasted real sugar, I no longer want the fake stuff. I automatically let go.

His remembrance brings me closer to myself. He is my reference point and I receive power from His love. This power is what enables me to stabilize in my self-respect, not just understand it. When I hear BapDada’s call to be like Him, when I hear the call to be angelic, I am able to respond and remain stable with the power I receive from remembrance. Because, often we make the determined thought to let go of limited, old worldly attitudes and thinking and we even take steps in that direction and the opposite comes true! I decide to trust someone I had lost trust in before by telling myself that I have to have a positive attitude but they go off and take credit for work I did anyway. If I am not careful, my immediate reaction is ‘see! I knew it! some people just never change, they are always like that. I should have known better!’.

Firstly, if ‘I knew it’ then clearly, my attitude was not exactly clean to begin with. I co-operated half-believing, half-heartedly. Secondly, it shows me that I am still attached to credit and appreciation. Third, I am attached to a particular outcome. Baba says, ‘in situations that challenge your self-respect, to say “You first” means to become equal to the Father‘. It feels like a high bar when I am still attached, when I am still caught up in the limited. I have to change not because I think it will change others but because I believe the change I am making to be right for me, to be something that brings me closer to my truth. If I share my expertise with others and they take credit, that is completely irrelevant to my self-transformation. I shared because that is the right thing to do for me. I did it because it makes me true to myself, I respect myself. When I am attached to an outcome such as that the other person will change their behavior, then I might be disappointed because that may or may not happen. The key is to remember that it is not the point. But to let go of outcomes and walk my truth requires loving the truth, requires believing the truth, it requires faith. That comes only with practice- when throughout the day I remain connected with my destiny, experience who I really am.

In addition to being connected with myself, I have to remain a detached observer of others and the drama. Let me not question other’s behavior, or fight the drama. Let me trust the drama- it is teaching me something about myself, let me learn it for me. If I think of scenes as good or bad, then I have not understood the drama and I am not trusting it. I have to work with it rather than try to correct it. It’s often a tug-o-war with Baba pulling me up and the scenes and sanskars pulling me down. If I want Baba to win, I have to be detached. The Murli and remembrance help me here because they unclutter the intellect, help take the emotion out, remind me of who I am and what I am here to do. I might forget but they remind me which is why it is important to never miss the Murli.

When I experience being combined with Baba, then I don’t feel alone. When I am not alone, I am not afraid. Because when I come face to face with my attachment, it can feel so strong, so deeply embedded and tough to get out. It can shake me a bit, bring self-doubt but Baba says, ‘when you remain combined with Me, Maya cannot even raise her eyes to you‘. ‘You are the old souls, the strong ones‘, He reminds me, ‘don’t become afraid of Maya. She looks fierce but is just a paper tiger‘. If there is anything I can learn from Maya, it is to never lose faith, to never give up. She doesn’t, neither should I! Let me not ever doubt that God is right here with me through thick and thin…this, is the confluence age, He is here with me, for me.

These are the best days in all of the cycle, no matter what happens- some days, there is success, other days, not as much- but these are the best days. I learn what I have to from each scene and move forward. I transform from my lowest point to my highest point with help from God Himself. He becomes my Companion, He is part of my destiny. No matter what happens, I will always move forward because this is the time of ascending! This is a loving and faithful intellect, this is right awareness. As is the awareness, so is the attitude and the attitude is the basis of success. For God’s children, therefore, victory is guaranteed.

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