Unlimited service

Baba says, ‘remain constantly engaged in doing unlimited service’.

Brahmin life is a life of service, we cannot survive without service. The elevated method for protecting yourself from Maya and for staying alive is service alone, says Baba. It also makes me a constant yogi.

But, which kind of service? Service, Baba says, has to be unlimited, it has to be altruistic.

One is to simply relate whatever you have heard to others and then there is the service where you speak through the mind, explains Baba. It’s where I become an embodiment of the sweet words I’ve heard. Then, my very being serves – this, Baba says, is unlimited and altruistic service. It is service that happens automatically through the renunciation and tapasya that has made me who I am, it is altruistic service that is beyond limited desires. This is called Godly service, spiritual service. The service of just speaking what you have heard, Baba says, is service simply to please oneself. In order to please everyone, service with the mind and mouth has to take place at the same time. To serve with the mind means to serve with words while in the state of “Manmanabhav”.

Altruistic service, because it is beyond limited desires, is usually done incognito. I am not interested in making a name, that would defeat the point of serving. Even though an incognito server remains incognito in name at the present time, Baba says, he remains constantly filled with the happiness of success. How? because the blessings of souls and the Father reach the heart.

An altruistic server has the sparkle of being a true server on his face and in his form. His future is elevated and imperishable because he transforms from being a thorn into a flower through such service. How? Because there are obstacles in service and it is also service that makes you free from obstacles, says Baba. This is a study and I learn from service- about myself and about how to harmonize with others. Even though at times it might seem that those who earn fame in service get a lot of air time, they don’t earn an unperishable income- they eat the fruit right here and finish it.

You, Baba says, have to accumulate, earn an everlasting inheritance.

Everlasting inheritance comes when I transform limited sanskars into unlimited. When I don’t depend on the crutches of name, fame and glory to define success or for my happiness. I attain my happiness through true service that depends on nothing and wants nothing. Then, I am always content, always full and carefree. I am always seated on the throne of self-respect – not on a throne of limited respect that comes and goes. I am seated on the throne of eternal and infinite attainment. This is known as being a world-benefactor server.

Never move backwards in attaining success by having ordinary or limited thoughts in the task of world service, teaches Baba. Constantly attain success with renunciation and unlimited service and continue to move forward.

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