Don’t bow down before Maya

Baba says, ‘you cannot let yourself bow down‘. You have to make Maya bow down in front of you.

You are the child of the Almighty Authority, you are master almighty authority, Baba reminds me. And yet, He asks, why do you become subservient to Maya? The reason is that you forget that you are the children of the Almighty Authority, you forget why you are.

The area where we are most subservient to Maya is relationships. I have all the powers within me and yet, I am so easily upset, hurt, insulted, flattered, and all the rest. It’s as if others’ sanskars and the atmosphere control the way I feel. There is one word or one little behavior and it is enough to trigger a reaction within me. Often, it is my sense of ‘being right’ that becomes the trap. I think that because you have done something wrong, I am justified in feeling the way I feel. And yet, I fail to realize that those feelings hurt me, they take me away from my goal and from Baba. The reason I fall for the trap is because of the ego – ‘I’ and ‘mine’. My world view, my beliefs, my opinions, my ideas, I am so and so and therefore…When I am egotistic or body conscious, the scenes of drama, the sanskars are like bait and when I take the bait, Maya reins me in quickly. I constantly bow down to Maya.

Mine is One Shiv Baba and none other, remember this, says Baba. Nothing and no one else can come in between. And when you remember the Father, you automatically remember the inheritance and then there is happiness. If you remember Alpha and the kingdom, your stage will never fluctuate, He says. When you are in the stage of forgetfulness, talk to yourself: Did I, a master almighty authority, forget the Father and the inheritance? By talking to yourself in this way, you will become aware of the power you have lost.

By remembering Me, you will come to me, says Baba. This is the aim of this study- to be equal to the Father.

To attain the aim, determination is key. Never let go determination even if you have to die!, says Baba. You may have to bow down, you may have to die, you may have to mold yourself in life, you may have to tolerate, you may have to listen, but you must never let go of your thought!  This is called determination. Nothing is more important than my aim, than my destiny. Not what someone said or did, no situation, no circumstance, nothing. Do you have this determined thought to become equal to the Father?, asks Baba.

Simply bring determination into your mind. Don’t weaken your thoughts over trivial matters. Even if someone insults you, hates you, disrespects or defames you, your good wishes must never stop. Whenever anyone gives you sorrow, remember that you are world transformers who transform Maya and matter!  Do you remember your occupation, asks Baba. Even if, under the influence of sanskars, someone causes you sorrow, hurts you or makes you fluctuate, are you not able to transform something sorrowful into happiness?  Are you not able to tolerate insults?  Can you not change an insult into a rose?  Are you not able to transform the problem into the thought of becoming equal?  

Do you remember when you came into your Brahmin birth and you had faith?

Whether it took you one second or one month of time, when you had faith your heart said, “I am Baba’s and Baba is mine!” You had this thought, you experienced this! Right at that time, you issued a challenge to Maya saying that you will become a conqueror of Maya. Well…these situations, this upheaval are the forms of Maya. This is how she comes. You have to become conquerors of these forms of Maya – the situations will not change, the center will not change, the place will not change, souls will not change, but I have to change! I don’t seek revenge from anyone, but I will definitely change!

When Maya comes and she will, don’t be afraid!  Sometimes she comes in such a way that you won’t even realize that it is Maya! Of course, says Baba, the enemy is going to put up a good fight but you cannot be afraid. You are well-equipped with all the powers. She comes to try to make you bow down but then she will bow down at your feet!  

BapDada is making you underline one word in this over and over again. It is your aim to become equal to the Father – for this, maintain your self-respect. And to give respect means to receive respect.  You won’t receive it by taking it, but to give it means to receive it. It is not right to say that someone should give you respect. To give respect means to receive it. So self-respect is not self-respect based on body consciousness, but it is the self-respect of Brahmin life, the self-respect of an elevated soul, the self-respect of becoming complete. Therefore maintain self-respect; don’t take respect. Have determination in these two things, He says. No matter how much someone tries to shake your determination, don’t allow your determination to weaken. Make it strong. Become unshakeable!

You are the great, most elevated souls selected by the Father, you are even more elevated than the mahatmas of today, you are those who have a right to the kingdom of the world, who have a right to the inheritance of the Father, who are world benefactors! So in any situation would such souls bow down to the different, attractive forms of Maya?, asks Baba. By becoming free from making mistakes and of forgetfulness for a long period of time, you will claim the fortune of the kingdom for a long period of time.

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