Soul conscious vision

Baba says, ‘consider yourselves to be souls and look at everyone with the vision of brotherhood‘. Then, the vision and attitude of the body are transformed. 

Baba cautions that time is quickly moving towards transformation, it is going into the extreme. But before the transformation of time happens, you have to transform yourselves, He tells us. You are the world-transformer souls, your transformation is what will bring about transformation of others, of the world.

I know I have transformed when I am obstacle-free. To be obstacle-free means I am no longer stuck in the mini dramas caused by ego i.e. I am no longer influenced by others behaviors, their words, sanskars or the atmosphere. Instead, my stage remains stable and transforms the atmosphere and other souls. This is called becoming an instrument of world transformation, says Baba.

For this, He says, you must look at every soul with your soul conscious vision.  Look at the soul in his form of his original sanskars.  No matter what type of sanskars that soul may have, your good wishes, pure feelings and elevated feelings for transformation for every soul can transform the sanskars of that soul.

Let soul conscious feelings emerge, He says. Have a soul conscious vision, a soul conscious attitude, and the awareness that a soul is meeting another soul, a soul is speaking to another soul.  Make your foundation very strong with this vision. When you get busy with a task, your soul conscious feelings become a little merged, He points out.

The self respect of soul consciousness easily enables a soul to achieve success, He teaches. You are those same deity souls of the previous cycle, the same Brahmin souls, so come into relationship and connection with others in this form.  Check at every moment: What is the elevated duty and elevated service of I, the deity soul, the Brahmin soul?  It is to give blessings and to receive blessings.  

Even your non-living images serve in this way!, He reminds me. Souls go to take blessings, they come back with blessings. The easiest effort of all is to give blessings and receive blessings from everyone throughout the day through your drishti, attitude, words and feelings. Don’t forget that you are the great donors, He says. Of course there will be opposition, He says, because it is the opposition that will enable you to reach your position. Look, it was Father Brahma who faced the maximum opposition but it is also he who claimed the number one position! No matter what happens, I have to give blessings in the same way as Father Brahma did. There were many who spoke wasteful things or did wasteful things in front of Brahma Baba, however, Father Brahma gave them blessings and received blessings; he kept with him the power to accommodate: “He is just a child, he will change one day.”  In the same way, you too have to have this attitude and vision: ‘this one is from the previous cycle, from our family.  I have to transform myself and then transform others’. Not, “I will change when that one changes”, but “I have to change and change others.  This is my responsibility.”  Only then will blessings emerge and you will receive blessings.

You have to have the aim: I have to become an instrument!

Let there not be the slightest trace, even in thought, of three things, teaches Baba, transform these. 1. Parchintan (thinking about others).  2.  Pardarshan (looking at others) – not to have pardarshan instead of swadarshan (looking at the self.)  3.  Parmat (dictates of others) or parsang (company of others), bad company.  Keep elevated company because bad company causes a lot of damage.  BapDada also advise: Be those who observe only one par (par-upkari – one who uplifts others) for only then will you receive blessings and be able to give blessings. No matter what others give you, you simply give blessings, He says.  

Do you have this much courage?, asks Baba.

If all the children maintain courage that no matter what others give, I have to give blessings, then, BapDada will give extra help for the courage and enthusiasm you have, He promises.  He will give extra help.  However, only if you give blessings.  Don’t mix this! Even in your thoughts, there should be nothing except blessings. Do you have this courage?  If you do, then raise your hands!  You will then have to do this.

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