Staying within the codes of conduct

Baba says, ‘the children who never allow the foot of their intellects to go outside the line of the codes of conduct become lucky and lovely‘.

To be knowledge-full means to be an embodiment of knowledge in every thought, every word and every deed. To the extent that I am knowledge-full, I will also be careful. To the extent that I am careful, I will be cheerful. When I have all three qualifications, I will become both lucky and lovely, says Baba.

When I become careless and keep making one little mistake or the other, either on my own or in my interactions with others then I neither remain lovely to myself or to others. I only become careless when I disobey any of the codes of conduct. Sita was given the instruction to remain within the line of the code of conduct- she crossed it and became a victim, a beggar crying and waiting to be rescued from the cottage of sorrow. Similarly, when I cross the line, I too become a beggar of whatever attainment there is and I too cry out: have mercy! give me blessings! give me co-operation! give me love!

What are some of those little, careless mistakes I make?

Sometimes, it’s allowing my mind to run wild with imaginations. Someone in my family sneezes and I wonder if it’s COVID! My child is a little late from school and I imagine the worst. I read the news about the economy and I imagine folding my business and being homeless…it’s pretty wild what my mind can imagine if I let it. And that’s the key…if I let it. Most of these imaginations are just that…they will never happen. But if I am not careful, I live a life of fear and anxiety that they might. They steal my joy and leave me exhausted every day. The code of conduct is to think elevated thoughts, and put a full-stop to waste thoughts. Let me never forget that I am the creator of my thoughts, I hold the control. Yes, the current atmosphere of the world may be such but as God’s child, I don’t allow myself to be influenced by the atmosphere, I transform it.

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with external circumstances. I am just going about my business and suddenly out of nowhere, a thought about something that happened 5 years ago pops into my mind – that betrayal by my best friend, that death of a close relative, that business I lost…whatever. If I am not careful, I get sucked in and my mind quickly spirals out of control. Then I have no more energy left, I actually physically have to lie down! With low energy, I become easily irritated and angry, spread discontentment all around me. This is not following the code of conduct, I have to nip those thoughts in the bud.

Sometimes, I come under the influence of guilt and shame. I think I’ve made too many mistakes- not just before coming to Baba but even after. He told me one thing, I did the opposite, sometimes knowingly. Maya tries to convince me that God wants nothing to do with me, that I am a burden to Him, that I am a cause of shame to Him. If I don’t know God as He is, I will buy in to the narrative because I will think of God as an iron-aged human-being who judges, labels and condemns. But God is the Ocean of Love– unconditional, true, pure love. He is my Father! Nothing I do can make Him dislike me, let alone be ashamed of me. He has no such sanskars! No mistake I have made or will make is a surprise to God. He knew of it before I made it. He has already forgiven and forgotten. If I am remembering and dwelling on something God has forgotten, that is not the code of conduct. Let me remember what He remembers – He has told me who I am, let me remember that; He has told me of my virtues, of my attainments; He has told me that I am His child, the master of His treasure store, let me accept and remember that. That, is the truth. Everything else I tell myself is false.

Sometimes, I have been good, I have been waiting for my situation to change but it hasn’t yet. I start to get impatient and start demanding answers from God: when will this change? Sometimes, there is a sanskar that has been wearing me down and I think: ‘how am I ever going to be a deity!? Maybe I’m not cut out for this after all’. This is all Maya trying to wear me down. If I am not careful, I take the bait. The code of conduct is to stay away from the questions of ‘how’ and ‘when’ and keep the attainments in front of me. I don’t need to figure out the ‘how’ and ‘when’, I only need to stay in faith. Everything is happening according to schedule. I need to tune in to what I am being taught now and learn it.

If I am not careful, if I keep stepping outside the line of the code of conduct, I cannot be cheerful. When I am not cheerful, I am not serving myself or others. Instead, I am constantly battling Maya. Baba says, ‘when any obstacle, storm, disturbance or unhappiness comes, you should understand that you have moved the foot of your intellect outside the line of the code of conduct‘. The intellect is also a foot on which you go on the pilgrimage, He reminds me. It is when you move the foot of the intellect out of the line of the code of conduct that all these things come in front of you; and you go from being a lovely and lucky child of the Father to a beggar begging for support from the Father.

This happens because when I step outside the line, I am inadvertently also stepping away from the Father. Then, I cannot experience the support of the Father, His companionship and the attainments even if I want to and so I beg for it. It’s as if I am living on the shore of the ocean, and yet, I am just an observer with no attainment, I am just a seeker. To be careful means that I constantly keep only Baba on my heart-throne, not the situation or offense or person. I ensure nothing and no one comes in between Him and I, that nothing takes away my happiness and my attainments. That is power, that is being a child with rights.

To follow the code of conduct of the confluence age is to become an elevated human being, says Baba. It is the easiest way to remain safe from tamoguni souls, atmosphere and vibrations. It is the way to remain free from laboring. You have received from BapDada the codes of conduct for every step, now you have to be careful and live according to the code, He says. The basis for even my thoughts is my awareness. ‘Throughout the day, continue to spin the discus of self-realization’, says Baba. This helps me stay in the awareness of an elevated human being. And when I spin it, it’s speed and sharpness is enough to cut off the heads of any waste, of any shame, guilt,…any form of Maya.

Of all the elevated roles throughout the cycle, the present form of being a Brahmin i.e. the stage of being knowledge– full directly through the Father, is most elevated, He says. So, it doesn’t seem right to let go of such a stage and become a beggar. So, check your every thought and deed, that is, take care that you do not step outside, says Baba. Make yourselves the human beings who follow the highest code of conduct.

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