The first and foremost thing is to be soul conscious

Baba says, ‘The first and foremost thing is that you children have to remain soul conscious‘. It is a very high destination to remain soul conscious.

When I am soul conscious, I understand the drama- how it works. I understand that this life is a partnership between myself, God, and the drama. We are a team and we work together toward victory. I realize that drama is not my enemy, it’s scenes or situations are not designed to attack me or pull me down, they are here to make me strong. Each situation has a hidden gem or a lesson in it that I have to learn. That lesson then helps me learn my next one and so on. When I am soul conscious, I am tuned in to the drama, I can see the lesson – the diamond amidst the coal and I take it. I don’t bother with the coal. When I am body conscious, I cannot be tuned in and all I see is the coal!

Baba says, the first and foremost thing is that you have to be soul conscious.

This is the foundation for my study. When I have this awareness, I am always moving forward. I have the knowledge but let me check if it is just in the form of points in my intellect or if I have experienced the knowledge. Every point has an associated experience- to have that experience is soul consciousness. It isn’t enough to simply know I am a soul, a point of light -that doesn’t really help much. I also need to experience what kind of a soul I am. Let me experience each of my qualities- whether it is peace, love or happiness. Let me spin the discus of self-realization and experience myself in each of my forms. This practice makes the foundation of soul consciousness strong – the more I am an image of experience, the stronger the foundation. Then, Baba says, Maya won’t be able to attack me.

When my foundation is strong and the obstacle comes, I don’t become afraid, I don’t sulk, I look at it as entertainment!

In a game, when a ball is thrown to me, I catch it! What I don’t do is think that the ball is coming to attack me or hit me and cover my face with my hands! Similarly, here too, Maya comes as a ball – sometimes as a lustful thought, sometimes as anger, sometimes attachment. Baba says, ‘catch it!’ In other words, recognize it for what it is, observe the scene as a detached observer– not with shame or guilt or fear- but by being detached. Learn from it, make your stage strong for the future and move on. That’s how a game is played! When I can live this way, life is entertaining, drama is entertaining, Maya is entertaining.

It is when I focus on the coal i.e. go into body conscious spinning of ‘why am I having these thoughts?’, ‘why is this happening to me?’, ‘can this too happen!’, ‘I never had these feelings even before gyan!’ etc., then the fun is gone and I become afraid. Stay detached and don’t allow yourself to be caught in Maya’s spinning, says Baba.

The key therefore is soul consciousness. That’s what allows me to be detached, that’s what gives me the wisdom and strength to play a game as a player, that’s what allows me to find and learn the lesson, that’s what allows me to keep on moving forward. It allows me to constantly experience myself as having a tilak of victory, no matter how big or small the obstacle is.

In any situation, even if your body is weak or there is extra pressure of work, never become tired in your mind, Baba cautions. Physical tiredness finishes through having happiness of the mind. However, tiredness of the mind increases tiredness of the body. Your mind should never become tired. When you become tired, come to the Father’s world in a second. If there is the habit of getting the mind tired, you won’t be able to experience the zeal and enthusiasm of Brahmin life. You will move along, but you won’t experience the One who is making everyone move, make you move. You will move along laboring, and when there is labor involved, there will also be tiredness. Therefore, always think: Karavanhar is making me do it. The One who inspires everyone is making me do it.

Surrender yourself to BapDada with all your thoughts and Maya will not attack you, He says. Every day at amrit vela, be a detached observer and decorate yourself with all the powers i.e. experience soul consciousness and you will remain unshakeable and immovable.

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  1. Ritu Gopalan says:

    All the messages in this blog is so wonderful and gives deep understanding of knowledge.Thanks.

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