Follow Shrimat and make everyone happy

Baba says, ‘follow Shrimat and make everyone happy‘. Now give happiness and receive happiness.

This world is the land of sorrow, Baba tells me. Look around you, He says, everyone is hurting, everyone is in sorrow. He reminds me that souls are actors playing our parts on this unlimited stage. We’ve been here a long time, we are tired, irritable, burdened- there are bound to be things that are said and done that are offensive, not according to law, hurtful.

But we already know that! And so that’s not really a surprise or even important. The important thing is what am I going to do with the offense, the hurt, the insult, the betrayal?

If I hold on to the hurt, dwell on the offense, I will be bitter. Bitterness affects every area of life- it poisons my attitude and makes me see everything in a negative light. I can’t have good, healthy relationships because I am easily offended, ready to jump down your throat at the slightest provocation. It’s not me, it is the bitterness coming out.

No one likes or enjoys being angry and aggressive. Often we wonder why we get angry. Baba says, it is the evil spirit of body consciousness that brings with it all the other vices. Now become soul conscious! You have now received understanding.

It’s not that when I am soul conscious, I don’t see the offense or hurt…I still very much do. But instead of taking the offense in, I am able to let it go. Instead of pointing a finger at the other, labeling them the offender, I focus more on managing my response. Instead of holding them responsible for stealing my joy and feeling like the victim, I take responsibility for my joy and protect it. I realize no one can have my joy or snatch it from me…I have to hand it over. I refuse to do that. Instead, I learn to hand over the bitterness to God. I see the bitterness rise and immediately throw it into the Ocean such that it washes up as compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and patience. Nothing and no one is important enough to take me away from my destiny. When I forgive, I am not doing anyone else a favor, I am doing it for me, so I can continue to move forward toward my destiny.

Yes, there might have been a good reason for my feeling bitter- what happened was unfair, I worked hard and all the credit was taken away from me, I was mistreated, someone I trusted betrayed me. Can I let it go? because the key is to forgive quickly. When I don’t, bitterness takes root. The more I dwell on it, the more I relive it, the deeper the roots go. And then I wonder why I am angry all the time! I start to believe that this is who I am- an angry person! But it is not what God tells me! He calls me sweet child, not bitter child or angry child! He tells me I am blessed, loving, pure, peaceful, a resident of heaven. He tells me I am just like Him! Let me believe what He is telling me about myself.

The roots are what are feeding the tree. When healthy, they feed me strength, hope, positivity. Bitter roots feed me bitterness, anger, irritation, self pity, they drain my energy, my enthusiasm, strength and joy. Here’s the thing though: I don’t have to live with bitter roots! It’s my choice.

Let me go to the Supreme Surgeon with what is causing the bitterness- is it a mistake I made that I am beating myself over? someone betrayed me? an unfulfilled dream? Let me talk to Him about it, tell Him that I don’t want to be bitter anymore, that I want to live life again, be whole again. He is waiting to help me get rid of this bitterness and get my joy back. He will help me forgive, to overcome. I will experience the weight lift off, feel light again.

Only when I am free of the burden can I move forward and see what God has in store for me! There are great things God wants me to do, let me be available. This confluence aged life is too valuable to spend in the self-imposed cottage of sorrow like Sita, it is too precious to spend deceiving myself into believing Ravan is to blame. Let me take responsibility and partner with God. This is Shrimat, wallowing in bitterness and self-pity is not.

When I show courage by taking responsibility to guard my heart, when I follow Shrimat this way, I become His responsibility. He knows how to take the mistake I made and set it right. He knows how to get me past the betrayal and not let it be a stop my destiny. He knows how to get the right people to co-operate with me at the right time. He knows how to do all that if I will stay open and on guard, unblocked by bitterness, trusting Him to take me across. Let me realize that I wouldn’t be here if drama didn’t need me! I am still here because there is a purpose for my life, there are things I need to do. Let me not be stuck in the offense and miss what the future holds. Let me experience this authority of who I am and Whom I belong to! Let me take every step with faith and intoxication.

Today is a gift, let me live happy, free, light and fly. When I am happy, it’s what I give to others. It is my duty and responsibility to be happy, it is in fact the greatest service I can do.

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