Choose faith over fear

Baba says, ‘One whose intellect has faith will always be carefree and free from worry‘. He will experience the intoxication of guaranteed victory in every situation. Faith enables you to experience being carefree with a guarantee at every moment.

Where there is faith, there is victory. It is my faith that activates God’s power in my life. He has a purpose and a plan for my life but He can make it a reality when I stay in faith, when I believe. But often when situations come, we get afraid and our mind fills up with thoughts of worry and fear. A person of faith, Baba says, will not have even a percent of doubt even in their thoughts – not in the self or in the Father.

It is important to keep the right thoughts in my mind. Just as faith brings good things, fear which is the opposite of faith brings negative things. If I am afraid that I or someone in my family will be infected, if I am constantly afraid that I will get laid off, then that’s what I am inviting into my life. Fear will try to dominate my thoughts and if I don’t check it, it will keep me awake at night. If I am constantly worrying about bad things that could happen, thinking of all the reasons why I won’t or can’t reach my destiny- sanskars, bondages, karma etc. then, indeed I am blocking myself. But if I can put a full-stop to those thoughts and stay in faith instead, then that activates God’s power and He can make things possible that I cannot make possible. Let me use my thought power in the right direction – choose faith over fear.

My agreement is what makes the negativity comes to pass. If I don’t agree with the fear and the negative thoughts and instead agree with what God says about me, then I stop that fear from ever taking root. Let me not put my faith into fear, so to speak, let me put it into God and His words for me. He is telling me that I’m blessed, that I’m victorious and have been cycle after cycle. Let me live with the faith, with the understanding that God is greater than any problem, any situation I will face. Let me believe that He’s got me under His canopy of protection. He is my Provider and Benefactor – not the employer or the business. He is in-charge of my life. When I believe this, I am at rest, I live the life of a child who is taken care of, the life that is carefree.

In worldly life, Baba says, your stage is created according to the situation, but in this powerful alokik Brahmin life, your stage is not created according to the situation, but you attain your stage through receiving the light and might of knowledge from BapDada and from the power of remembrance. What am I remembering? Is it what the Father is telling me daily about who I am, about my elevated destiny, that I’m victorious, that I belong to Him? or am I remembering something different?

I am the child of the Highest-on High, of the Almighty Authority. He has not given me this new life to live in fear but has blessed me with power, love and a sound mind. I cannot live victoriously if I cannot guard my mind because in this land of sorrow it will default to negativity, fear, anxiety and worry. We deceive ourselves into thinking that it is God’s job to calm my mind or that with time, when my situation gets better, my mind will be at rest. It’s the other way around. I have to actively guard my mind, activate my faith and become victorious over the situation.

And God is right there with me. He has not asked me to do life alone. So when the storm comes, let me not panic, not fear the worst. Let me stay in faith, in His remembrance. He has told me what my destiny is- it is fixed in the drama! So if this storm is here then it is a stepping stone to my destiny. I couldn’t get to my destiny without it, otherwise, God would not have allowed it. Fear will try to convince me that the storm means I am off track, that if I was on track, life should have been smooth. But God never said storms won’t come- they will come. In fact they have a purpose in my life. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, none of us like adversity but without the opposition, the betrayal, the mistakes, the struggles, I wouldn’t learn to stretch my faith and develop my spiritual muscles. Without those tough spiritual muscles, I won’t be able to be sustain myself where I am going, where He is taking me. Let me learn well that which I’m being taught rather than live frustrated and worried.

Let me not give up when life doesn’t make sense. I might not understand everything but then I don’t have to. I just have to stay in faith that Baba is with me. All the circumstances might show the opposite but my faith is based on what I know, not what I see. It is based on Who is telling me. Let me keep believing in my destiny, it’s on the way, I’m being prepared. God is my Father, not a stranger. He is responsible for me, invested in me. He isn’t looking at me and thinking – ‘Boy, she really messed up this time, I don’t think I can make this right!’ or ‘this situation is too big, I didn’t see this coming!’ Let me know that nothing I am facing is a surprise to God, this is all part of the plan, I am right on schedule. He hasn’t brought me this far to give up. He never gave up on me in the past, He doesn’t intend to now. Not only is He not going to give up on me, He is going to restore, heal, protect and bring me out stronger and better than before. This is the guarantee that God makes.

All He needs me to do is stay in faith, stay online, so to speak. The boat will shake but when I have faith in the Boatman, I stay seated because I know it will not drown. I know that my boat is simply passing through a storm, not staying in it. Let me not worry about, give time to something that is temporary- that sickness, the loneliness, that trouble at work, or what someone is saying. Let me not allow it to overwhelm me because then, I’ll settle there and allow something temporary to become permanent, to take root. Let me not allow those thoughts to intimidate me- when that fear knocks, let my faith answer the door.

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