Claim your fortune

Baba says, ‘you have come to the Father to make your fortune elevated‘. To the extent that you follow shrimat, you will accordingly make your fortune elevated.

I became a Brahmin because I believed that I would receive the inheritance from the Father. I had faith that this is God teaching Raja yoga, not a human guru or saint, but God Himself. I was intoxicated, I loved the knowledge and I wanted to walk the path. Let me check – is that intoxication still intact or is it diluted? is my effort still going strong or has it slackened?

I come to Baba, I love Baba, I am giddy hearing Him tell me about heaven and my destiny but at the same time, I still want to make it in Ravan’s world. I have one foot in Baba’s boat and one in Ravan’s. I’m still angling for that ‘Director’ position at the company, I still want to win that contract, move into that neighborhood etc. When I still have desires in Ravan’s world, it is hard to stay focused on what God is teaching me, let alone give it my all. Ravan works overtime in trying to convince me that winning that promotion, or moving into that neighborhood is what success looks like, he tells me that’s what it takes to be respected. If I buy in, I spend the rest of my years chasing after a moving target- I cross off one thing and there is a new thing I have to do to win respect, to impress people. The more I chase after Ravan’s lies, the further away I move from God and my own fortune.

Baba says, that fortune is vicious, whereas your fortune is being made by God. This is why you call out to the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness to come. No one but the Father can teach you and change you from human into deity. This is the highest-on-high fortune.

Sometimes, I unwittingly try to hire God to help me make it in Ravan’s world. I ask God to help me with that promotion or with that contract. When it doesn’t happen, I sulk with God thinking He isn’t helping me attain my fortune. Do I understand what my fortune is? Let me not deceive myself into believing that achievement in Ravan’s world is my fortune – that is here today, gone tomorrow. The fortune that God is helping me make goes with me throughout the cycle. He teaches me the right way to live such that I respect myself rather than beg for respect from others. He makes me truly intelligent such that every action I perform is elevated; it brings me success and happiness not just now, but throughout the cycle. Isn’t this what I have been seeking and calling out for half a cycle? Why do I still believe I will find it in Ravan’s world despite all evidence to the contrary? If it were there, I wouldn’t feel empty despite accomplishments, I wouldn’t feel sorrowful despite the fanfare.

Baba says, ‘I make you into charitable souls. The old world is impure and the new world is pure. You have now come to the unlimited Father to claim your inheritance. He alone is the Benefactor Father. You sing this and so He must definitely have removed your sorrow and given you happiness‘. I know deep down that only God has what I need and yet, I succumb to body conscious desires, get lured by the false pomp. Let me stop deceiving myself any further.

Sometimes, it isn’t Ravan’s pomp that gets in the way, it’s my own weak thoughts. God calls me the master of heaven, a deity soul but I feel too impure to accept that. This, Baba says, is body consciousness. Yes, I have become tamopradhan at the end of the cycle but He is here to purify me to make me satopradhan again. Let me focus on that by following His Shrimat. Let me go by faith, by what I know, not by what I see. I have to believe first and then it will happen. If I wait for things to happen before I can believe, I will be left behind.

God is telling me daily that I am blessed, victorious, strong, healthy and I tell Him- Baba, I don’t know what you mean! I have this illness, I have this circumstance, I have this opposition…Am I looking at my full story through the cycle or just a moment in time? Do I see what He sees? I see the old sanskars and think: I could never become a deity with these sanskars! look at them…they are so put together and look at me! Again, am I too busy looking outside or am I listening to what my Father is telling me? Every circumstance might be telling me that logically, there is no way I can be a deity but let me remember Who is telling me! God does not do logic! He is the Almighty Authority!

I hear that voice deep inside that is telling me of my fortune, of my destiny but it seems so big, so far out that I refuse to believe it, I try to drown it out. That is my destiny calling! let me listen to it, heed that call. Yes, I may not yet understand how I can get there but I don’t have to…I just have to believe. Sometimes, people will try to keep me down, convince me to settle down in mediocrity. Baba tells me I am a victorious jewel, the garland around His neck and the people I hang out with laugh and say:’ yea, right! Baba says that to make the children happy, that’s all. The 8 jewels, even the 108 are already fixed…’ If I let them, they will even give me names! Whom am I listening to?

People can’t see what God sees in me. He sees my potential. He knows what I’m capable of. Let me not let people talk me out of it. They are seeing what I am, He is seeing what I can become! They can’t hear that voice within me telling me of my destiny. When I hear my destiny calling, that is between me and God, no one else. My friends and family may be against me, circumstances might not be conducive, but like Arjuna, the only One I need on my side is God. He is more than enough to get me to my destiny. He has fully equipped me. He is giving me directions or Shrimat for every thought, word and action. He is guiding me at every step. He is holding my hand and taking me across. The only person that can block my destiny is me, when I stop believing.

You are now being made worthy by the Father, says Baba. Only follow Shrimat. Having been body conscious for a long time, it is easy to listen to the dictates of the doubting mind or to the opinions of others. It is easy to fall into limited mindsets that only focus on the now. This is carelessness, this is how my effort become slack. And so Baba says, become soul conscious.

I am not who my friends say I am, who my family says I am, who my boss says I am, who the naysayers say I am nor is it who Ravan tells me I should be. I am only who God says I am and He calls me a deity soul, He calls me the master of heaven. And so I am! That is my fortune, it is up to me to claim it. The Father says: This is your last birth. Only at this time do you have a chance to claim whatever inheritance you want. You will not be able to claim it again.

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