Don’t lose your fortune, become sensible

Baba says, ‘never attach your heart to this old world or to bodily beings‘. If you attach your heart to those things, your fortune falls apart.

As God’s child, I have a right to the direct inheritance of the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, the Knower of the deep philosophy of karma. BapDada, the FortuneMaker, gives me Shrimat or the elevated directions that protect me from performing wrong karma. They make me elevated. BapDada, by virtue of simply being His child, give me the full right to create as much fortune as I want and to become an embodiment of all attainments. And yet, I bring the fortune or the unlimited attainments into limitation.

There are two reasons for this, He points out:  1. There isn’t cleanliness in the intellect; it is not clear.  2. Lack of caution in every action, that is, I am not careful.

The main thing is cleanliness, He points out, this is purity or victory over the first vice of lust. The main basis, newness, spirituality, or the decoration of Brahmin life, is purity. The world thinks that a pure lifestyle is impossible and so conquering lust is the sign of making the impossible possible, it is the sign of how elevated the knowledge is and of the elevated Bestower of Knowledge. Just as the sign of worldly brahmins is their top-knot and their sacred thread so, the sign of true Brahmins is purity and their code of conduct.  

Purity has to start in your awareness, says Baba, that is the basis. Not just, “I am a soul”, but “I am a pure soul!  Everyone says the word “soul” but it is Brahmin souls who always say “I am a pure soul.  I am an elevated soul.  I am a worthy-of-worship soul.  I am a special soul.” Is this my awareness?  After cleanliness of awareness, there is attitude and vision. It is when I first have the awareness of being a worship-worthy soul that I remember the qualifications – completely viceless, full of virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete. If there is any impure vision towards worthy­-worship souls, that is, souls of the spiritual family, it means the foundation of awareness is weak, and this is a great, great, great sin, says Baba.  It might be that I think “This server is very good”, or that, “This teacher is very good”, and then slowly, my intellect is further and further drawn there and I separate myself from everyone else in the name of ‘service’ or offering ‘co-operation’. Baba cautions, ‘this is not service nor co-operation, it is the golden attractive form of Maya’. Repeatedly pay attention to this, He instructs.

God says: From being unfortunate, you are now becoming very fortunate. Therefore, constantly remember Me alone! If you attach your hearts to the old world or other bodily beings, your fortune falls apart. If any wrong actions are performed, those will appear in front of you at the end; you will have visions of them. Therefore, only remember the Father and the inheritance.

This is an elevated family, says Baba, therefore constantly have elevated vision because this great sin can never enable you to experience being an embodiment of fortune or attainment. Instead of being a charitable soul, you become a sinful soul, He says. From this one vice, all other vices are born. This is the time to burn away the urn of sins, not commit new sins, He says. Only the fire of yoga with the One Father has the power to burn away the sins.

Don’t become careless and justify your mistake by saying: “We are not doing anything, we are just talking.” This subservience in talking is also attachment. Even if there is special subservience in terms of co-operation in service, that too is attachment. And, when you receive a signal, you should end all signals with that signal.  If you become stubborn and try to justify yourself by giving an explanation, then understand that you are trying to clarify your sins. You are not clarifying the situation, but extending the line of sin even more, He teaches. If it is nothing, then just leave it at that, put a full-stop. Don’t debate whether it exists or not but bring about transformation in your thoughts, words and connections. This is the way to save yourself from this sin.

But children hide a lot, says Baba. Even though I know I am at fault, that I have issues I am struggling with, I don’t tell the Father about it because of being ashamed. This is body consciousness, says Baba. He is waiting to help me overcome, but He does not impose on the soul. He waits for me to realize and come to Him. He does not judge or condemn. He is the eternal Surgeon. If you hide your illness from the Surgeon because of being ashamed, how would you become free from it?, He asks, it will instead continue to increase and you will become more and more trapped. Your fortune will then finish and there will be misfortune. The Father says: Don’t keep any connection with bodies. Constantly continue to remember Me alone and you won’t perform any dirty actions. 

It is a very big service to make this whole world pure from impure, points out Baba. It isn’t that everyone will help the Father. Those who became Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, and who helped in the previous cycle will become sensible, He says. When I am engaged in the task of world transformation, then to transform the self is the act of being sensible.

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