Become the child

Baba says, ‘first become a child of the Father‘. The Father gives you children His property.

To be a child means to transform the limited life, the limited thinking. As a child, I know that I have a right to my Father and to His property. As a child, I know everything that belongs to my Father also belongs to me. And because this is my mindset, that’s how I live my life…with the intoxication of who I am , Whom I belong to and in the expectancy of what is to be mine one day.

My Father is no ordinary soul. He is the Supreme Father. He comes and creates heaven! I am the child of the Creator of heaven and so I will be the master of heaven! Do I have the intoxication of such an elevated destiny? Or am I still caught up in limited intoxication of what I am in the old world? Do I still think of myself as a job title, as the position, as a bank balance or social status? If I think this is as good as it gets, I will not expect anything bigger or better. I will not make any effort for what God has for me because my yoga is with the limited attainment. In other words, I deceive and deprive myself of God’s best. This study is for a kingdom, Baba reminds me. Here, God is teaching you and so your yoga has to be with Him. He is here to give me a whole new world, unlimited attainment – happiness and contentment in all aspects of life not just for 1 birth but for 21 births! and I am chasing after a false, limited attainment that is here today, gone tomorrow. Hell also puts on a show!, cautions Baba, but it is temporary like bubbles over water.

At this time, everyone has arrogance of the body, and this is why they are in extreme darkness, He says. You children now have light. My Father has given me a divine eye as a gift right at birth to enable me to see true from false. Let me use it and stop chasing after bubbles.

Sometimes, I am caught up in the flip side where I feel unqualified. I become a slave to my past- thinking about who hurt me, the disappointments, mistakes I made, who I was, what I’ve been through etc. I forget that when I came to Baba, I was born into a new life, into the Godly family. God is not interested in my past, why am I? ‘You have the same body, but you already cremated the old sanskars, the old memories, and your nature and this is why it is called dying alive‘, Baba reminds me. I am now free, liberated from the past, blessed and restored. I have a whole treasure store of attainments from my Father, I am receiving sustenance from Him and yet, I am stuck looking back. I feel hopeless, paralyzed by past memories, unable to move past and I ask Baba for mercy, for a little salvation. ‘You are my child’, Baba reminds me, ‘don’t ask me for mercy!‘ This is a worshiper mindset where I view myself as a sinner, as powerless asking for mercy forgetting that I am God’s child. ‘You were worthy-of-worship residents of heaven, you were deities. All of you are God’s family. It is sung: He is the Mother and Father and we are Your children. Therefore, this is a family, is it not?’, He asks.

If I see myself the wrong way, I will keep myself from my destiny. I cannot see myself as a slave to the past and enjoy the life of a child of God, of unlimited attainment. The Father is establishing an entire kingdom and wants me to be the master. Whether I will or not depends on my mindset- do I think of myself as a child with rights? or am I stuck in the identities of the past? Do I believe that I need to first prove myself, earn God’s love and then I will become worthy to be His child? or do I realize that I am His child right now? The awareness comes first, everything else- thoughts, words, actions, behavior- follows automatically.

If you have studied the lesson of the one word, “Child”, you have learnt all the knowledge of not just this one world, but of all three worlds, says Baba. Baba and the children; everything is merged in these two words. Always remain safe from Maya, that is, always have the awareness that you are children. A child does not think for itself, it simply trusts and follows the mother and father. Same here. When I remain in the awareness of being a child of God, I will follow His directions, His Shrimat and therefore remain protected from wrong thinking and actions. Always have the awareness: “I am a child!”, that is, I have been saved, He says.

You cannot become a master of the world without first becoming a child. Therefore, first become a child of the Father. The Father gives the children His property. The Father says: Children, exchange everything you have. When I give up the rubbish of the past, of body consciousness, I attain liberation-in-life. It just takes a second…just one thought…just one shift in awareness: ‘I am Your child’. The Father says: Simply follow My directions. 

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