I am going to the new world

Baba says, ‘You are going to the new world, to the land of happiness‘. This knowledge shouldn’t be forgotten. The Father has come to remove all our sorrow, to remove the curse and to give us our inheritance of happiness.

You are at the confluence age, Baba reminds me. This is Ravan’s community, although you have moved away from it, traces of it still remain. As long as those traces remain, I cannot go back with Baba. He’s building a new home in a new world. Nothing of the old can go there.

I have this knowledge in my intellect even as I sit here in Ravan’s kingdom, I know I’m going home and then to a new world. But, it’s easy to get stuck in life, settle where we are and think this is as good as it gets. When I belong to Baba, Ravan first tries to lure me back with shiny stuff- name, fame, recognition, success and all the rest. When that stops working, he switches to plan B which is to wear me down. I look at my circumstances and think: ‘there is too much bondage, I’m stuck, I’ll never get out’. Sometimes, the opposition to following the spiritual path is severe including threats from family members- verbal and physical.

God says, ‘I am doing a new thing, I am building a new world’. The Father has come to remove all our sorrow, to remove the curse and to give us our inheritance of happiness. Do I have this faith? If I do, then forces of darkness are being broken, destiny and purpose are rising up. Chains that have held me back my whole life are being loosened, captivity is coming to an end. But to see this, I have to do my part- stay in faith, stay in expectation, receive this in my spirit.

If I instead focus on the negative, on the circumstances and think: ‘this will never change’, ‘the odds are against me’, then, I am giving Ravan power. The way I help Baba liberate me is by staying in faith, by getting in agreement with what He is telling me, not what Ravan is showing me. Yes the situation seems impossible, it’s hard, and all signs are telling me that I should give up and/or give in to the oppressor: ‘They want me to stop following this path and return to the old world…maybe I should’, ‘they want to me to become a householder….maybe I should, this is just my lot in life’. But God is telling me something different: He’s telling me that He’s doing a new thing! He’s telling me that He is releasing me from Ravan’s curse, that He is here to take me home. You know this in your intellect even while sitting here in Ravan’s world, He reminds me. Let me not be moved by what I see, let me be moved by what I know.

The odds may be against me but God is for me and He is doing a new thing! He asks me to not dwell on the past. If I dwell on who hurt me, what wasn’t fair, why that family member betrayed me, try to get even, I will miss my destiny. If I keep replaying my mistakes in my mind, I will miss my destiny. God is saying forget the former things, I am doing a new thing! Don’t let times you were taken advantage sour your life and live with a chip on your shoulder. This is Ravan’s kingdom and so obstacles will come till the end but I have the knowledge in my intellect of the new thing Baba is doing! This knowledge shouldn’t be forgotten, He says. Remember the Father has come to remove all our sorrow, to remove the curse and to give us our inheritance of happiness. Constantly remember the Father and the inheritance. So, I don’t go around complaining or discouraged, I have a song on my lips. I feel like giving up but I keep going, I am hurting but I don’t let it stop me, I could hold a grudge but I forgive…I keep moving forward. Such children are the king of flowers, Baba sings praise! They remember the Father and also remind others and continue to spread their fragrance. They remain constantly happy. The Father is pleased to see such sweet, sweet children.

I come to re-establish the original deity religion, I come to re-establish the righteous way of living, He says, and you are helping Me in this task. He is watching me in the darkness, in the lonely nights. He sees the trust I have in what He is doing, He sees me helping Him in His task. What looks like a loss right now will be a huge gain- I am coming out of it strong, mature, confident, bold. While it might not look like anything is changing externally, work is going on internally. My faith is increasing, my character is coming up higher. The Father says: even in famine, My children w will have more than enough. Ravan cannot do anything to me. My Father will not leave me in bondage, He will not let me starve.

This is the same episode of the Gita, the same Mahabharat War, the same knowledge of “Manmanabhav” and “Madhyajibhav”, He reminds me. Constantly remember Me alone! You are the pandavas who have a loving intellect for the Father, He says. There truly was a war and the Pandavas were victorious. Because a loving intellect attains victory.

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