Don’t cry, you are the master of heaven

Baba says, ‘Always remember that you are Baba’s children. Otherwise, you will make yourselves cry‘.

I have an inner world that belongs only to me. It’s made up of my thoughts, my attitude, my emotions, whom I spend time with, what I watch/listen to. It’s the space I can control. What I allow into my space determines the quality of the life I live.

This is Ravan’s kingdom right now, Baba reminds me. The atmosphere outside is therefore polluted by default. If I am living worried, offended, negative, it’s because I’m allowing everything outside get into my inner world. If I listen to the news all day, hang around people that are critical and negative, then I am not ruling my world. I can’t stop the news or change how people are but I can choose what to allow into my inner world. I have to keep my inner atmosphere full of faith, of hope, of victory.

Someone leaves me out of that meeting at work, they play politics, a family member betrays my trust…that will happen. But it’s up to me to choose whether to be angry and bitter and go around with a chip on my shoulder. I can let it into my space and be upset or I can say no, I choose to stay in peace and enjoy this day. I have control over my thoughts, my attitude, on how I respond.

Back in the olden days, a kingdom used to be guarded by the walls of the fort built around it. My inner world is my kingdom. Do I have walls put up to protect it from offenses? If not, worry will get in. My business slowed down in the pandemic, I lost a client, a family member is ill- I panic, ‘what am I going to do!?’ Someone is talking badly about me- I live defensive and try to prove to them that I don’t care, that I’m doing great. I am easily upset with that person that was rude to me, that driver that cut me in traffic…I let the negative contaminate my inner purity, I live offended. I waste time on something that doesn’t even matter.

The Father explains: First remember the Father, otherwise Maya will slap you very hard. There is the “Touch-Me-Not” plant that wilts when you touch it. Your condition also becomes the same. When you don’t remember the Father, everything finishes. If you forget the Father you will be hurt in one way or another. Let me learn to keep my walls up. Let me protect my kingdom from offenses. My time is too valuable, my task here in this final birth is too important to let trivial things get in the way. If something is not positive, not hopeful, then it’s not worth my time.

You children are now studying Raja Yoga here in order to become like Goddess Lakshmi and God Narayan. You gods and goddesses are becoming the masters of heaven. Heaven is not up in the sky. They don’t even know what is referred to as heaven.

Raja Yoga is a study to become kings, not subjects, says Baba, Lakshmi and Narayan are the world sovereigns. Heaven is liberation-in-life, where I have broken away the shackles holding me back and flying with Baba, it’s an experience of bliss. Becoming a world sovereign or a master of heaven depends on my ability to rule my inner world. God says, I have made you to be a king, to reign in life! Negativity will come, but I am the ruler, I have the authority to decide what I’m going to let in. Yes there has been a setback due to the pandemic, am I going to stay focused on this setback and live in self-pity, dwell on that offense from the co-worker, hang around that person that’s pulling me down? It’s up to me, I am the ruler, I rule my kingdom. If I allow feelings about how bad the pandemic is, the unrest in society, the divisiveness in politics, the situation at work to get in, if I allow the anger, the disrespect to get in, it will pollute my thoughts, steal my joy and make me sour. The Father says: Sweet children, do not forget the days of your childhood.

When I do, I become a householder, carry the burden of responsibility, the weight of worry. When I am a child, on the other hand, I am carefree because I am His responsibility. I trust the Father to be my Protector, I simply hold His hand and follow Him wherever He takes me. I am too busy playing with the toys He has given me to even notice, let alone dwell, on the unnecessary. And so I have no worries, don’t take offenses, am not hurt. I am too busy being amazed, taking in the wonder of this time. And so the Father says: Don’t forget that you are the children of the unlimited Father. If you forget this you will make yourselves cry and your intellects will be drawn to the dirty world. By having remembrance of the Father, you experience supersensuous joy. This happiness disappears if you forget the Father.

I cannot have my walls down and expect to stay in faith, to have the energy, the focus, and the creativity to be my best. Bhagats look up to God and expect Him to help them with their suffering. They simply continue to sing that God is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, but how He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness doesn’t sit in their intellect. But I have the knowledge now. I know that God has done His part, He has made me a king. I have the authority to rule my kingdom. He has given me the power to remain cool and peaceful in times of adversity. He reminds me daily: you are a peaceful soul, peace is your very nature. I don’t have to fall apart when my plan doesn’t work out, I don’t have to get upset when trouble comes, I don’t have to get offended when someone is rude to me. I am a king! Am I ruling my kingdom?

When I face setbacks, difficulty, that is a very important time. It is a time of testing, which is to say, a time of strengthening my spiritual muscles. Ravan will bombard my mind with thoughts, use other people to try to discourage me, try to get me to worry: ‘why did this happen?’, ‘how could this happen?’, ‘what am I going to do?’. This is a time to take the reins back from Ravan, to take back my lost sovereignty, to claim my authority over my kingdom. The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone! We are the children of Shiv Baba and we have to claim our inheritance from Him. What need is there for those who are to become the masters of the world to cry?

At this time in the cycle, God is the only one in realization, He is the only Pure soul. He is the Almighty Authority, the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Knowledge and all virtues. By remembering Him alone, I am effectively making Him my refuge, my place of safety in my time of distress. His knowledge and love gives me the light and might to face obstacles, to rule over my kingdom. The Father says: All are the children of God. All say: O Baba! O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, protect us! However, no one knows when you receive protection from the Father.

If you don’t remember the Father at this time you will have to repent and cry a great deal, He cautions. The mind does not like a vacuum. If it isn’t remembering the Father, it is busy in Ravan’s kingdom from where I can only get sorrow. It is only when you forget the Father that Maya slaps you, He explains. This is why Baba explains to you again and again: Remember the Father and the inheritance!

Am I waiting for the circumstances to change, for the pandemic to end, for that co-worker or family member to change in order to be happy, to be at peace? Let me take control of my kingdom, let me remember who the Father is telling me I am. The Father inspires you to make effort: Children, remember Me! Will you not remember the Father from whom you receive the limitless sovereignty of heaven? The Father reminds you that you were the masters of heaven. Now make effort and become that once again.

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