Transforming my features and character

Baba says, ‘The Father is now transforming your features and your character‘. He is making you beautiful from ugly.

Just as in a worldly way, a father’s character and features is visible in many children, in the same way, the Father’s qualifications should be visible in each one of you, says Baba. When this happens, I will serve by making the aim clear to others because everyone’s vision falls on the qualifications.

The main qualification of the Father that makes Him perfect is equanimity -in praise and defamation, victory and defeat. You have to be the same way, He says. Although you have the knowledge in your intellect of which is victory and which is defeat, of which is praise and which is defamation, your constant stage should not fluctuate. This is known as equanimity. Baba knows what I’m like, what I do and yet, His stage never fluctuates. He always remains the Ocean of Love and Compassion, no matter what. There is no judgment, anger, frustration…just unconditional love, acceptance, understanding. He is the Beautiful Traveler, He has come to make me beautiful like Him. Not to fluctuate when you don’t know what’s going is meaningless but to not fluctuate even while knowing is to be victorious, says Baba. This is a severe bondage that ties many, He says, and when you overcome this, you become a perfect angel – like Brahma Baba.

What is the main effort for this? Constantly remember that you are the children of the Benefactor Father, He says. When I allow myself to get loose through the day and spend time seeing, hearing and speaking about others- friends, relatives, co-workers…whoever- then my intellect is feeding on their sanskars. And at this time in the cycle, everyone is impure, Baba reminds me. Even the most well-intentioned are battling impurities and so I am bound to take sorrow. God is the only conscious being at this time, He is the only one in constant realization and therefore, He tells me daily, Manmanabhav!, remember Me alone. When I do this, I experience His benevolence and am inspired by it. I receive His love that is the alchemy that dissolves the alloy or impurities and makes me pure. It gives me the power to face obstacles- sanskars or situations, to not be influenced by them and instead transform them.

Whatever you see or hear, even though the form may be that of loss, you must always extract something beneficial from it. The reason your stage fluctuates is because of three things, Baba observes: loss, defeat or defamation. If you have the power to be able to transform that form of loss into a form of benefit and the power to be able to accept defamation as a form of progress, and the power to be able to imbibe courage and enthusiasm and become a thousand-fold victorious from having been defeated, if you have all this, then– neither your character nor your features will ever be affected, He teaches.

Then, no matter who the soul may be, I have compassion. I have the same level of love and co-operation for everyone irrespective of whether their sanskars are compatible with me or not, whether they praise me or defame me. I don’t say, “Why is this one doing this? Why does this happen?” Instead, I switch to: ‘what do I have to do?’, ‘In what way can I help in such a situation?’. If you are unable to do anything, then step aside!, says Baba, however, don’t go along with the flow of that atmosphere. This isn’t an effort, my awareness has shifted. Just as how my Father does not have to show love or express love, He is love, similarly, I become an embodiment of love, of compassion, of support, acceptance. I reveal the Father’s qualifications through my features and character.

Always have the aim that you have to be transformed and that you have to transform. Only those who have such courage can become world emperors, teaches Baba. So, if you wish to become world emperors, then from this moment you must have the rule of love over all the souls. You must not give orders, He points out, you must not become world emperors from this moment. At present, you have to become world servers. To give love is to accumulate it for the future. To give knowledge is easy, but in order to become a world emperor, you must not just become a donor of knowledge but you have to also give love, that is, you must give co-operation. Those who take this high jump will easily become elevated in all aspects, He says.

The Father says: You have become ugly from having forgotten who you are and Whom you belong to. Baba now makes you sit on the pyre of knowledge and is transforming your features and character and making you beautiful from ugly. 

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