The first step of surrender

Baba says, ‘the first step of courage is to surrender‘. Just as Father Brahma surrendered and took the first step of courage, follow the father in the same way. 

To belong to the Father means to be loving and to be lost in love. God’s love means selfless love. God’s love is the basis of this elevated Brahmin birth. God’s love is the means to bring you close to the Father. God’s love enables you to experience the constant company of BapDada, that is, it makes you feel that God is your Companion. God’s love enables me to cross the three worlds: 1. Forgetting the consciousness of the body.  2.  Forgetting all selfish relationships of the body. 3.The attraction to the body and all the attractive things of the physical world that bring temporary attainment easily ends.  

You don’t need to renounce anything, says Baba, for the fortune of the most elevated attainment of God’s love automatically makes you renounce everything. God’s love brings you fortune and renunciation takes place automatically. Your love and remembrance make you detached from the world and loving to the Father. Those who are such easy and constant renunciates are the ones with the most elevated fortune, same as Father Brahma.

But sometimes, some very loving children, Baba says, show their love in front of the Father and say: I have renounced so much!  I have renounced so much, and yet why does this happen? BapDada smiles and asks the children: What did you renounce and what did you attain?  Make a list.  Which side of the scale is heavier? When I feel as if I have renounced more than I have attained, then I feel tempted to leave and return to the old world. You become an instrument, Baba cautions, to erase the line of your fortune.

The reason I would find it hard to renounce is due to a lack of surrender.

God’s love automatically makes you constantly experience a feeling of surrender, says Baba. The feeling of surrender makes you become equal to the Father. God’s love is the key to all of the Father’s treasures, because love makes you into a soul who has a right. What I attain is self- sovereignty and also the kingdom of the world.  You are special souls, Baba reminds me, who attain God’s love in this way.  So don’t be those who have love for God, but become souls who are always merged in love and lost in love. Those who are merged are equal.

This was Brahma Baba’s specialty. His first step of courage was instant and complete surrender to the Father. Then, He became the Father’s responsibility and therefore always remained carefree, unshakeable and unmovable. This is the characteristic of a victorious soul, a number one soul who comes into the Sun dynasty. Baba says: No one ever says that they want to come into the moon dynasty, everyone wants to be number one but then your qualifications have to match your aim. You too have to become constantly stable and victorious like Brahma Baba.

You don’t even have to chart a new path for this, Baba points out. All you have to do is follow in his footsteps- are my thoughts, words and actions like Father Brahma’s? I won’t be able to match his footsteps without the same foundation, without taking that same first step of courage – of surrender. Because when I don’t surrender, I don’t have that same experience that I too am the Father’s responsibility. Instead I have waste thoughts: ‘did I do the right thing?’, ‘should I do this or that?’, ‘will this happen or not?’, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘how will this happen?’. My stage will constantly be in upheaval. This is not the sign of a victorious soul of the sun dynasty, Baba points out, this is the sign of a warrior soul of the moon dynasty.

Other times, there is the angst about ‘my center’, ‘my country’, ‘my idea’, ‘my specialties’, ‘my virtue, ‘my effort’ etc. or there is the attachment to ‘I am so and so and should be treated with respect’ etc. Where did this consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ come from?, asks Baba. Brahma Baba is an angel! To become equal to him, you too have to become ones with an angelic consciousness i.e. one who has no ego of the body, no awareness of the body nor any of the different type of consciousness of “mine”. To be an angel means that you have ended all limited relationships. To renounce this ego of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ means to become complete. When you surrender this limited ‘I’, then you reveal the Father just like Brahma.

Father Brahma not only surrendered his worldly treasures, but his Godly treasures too. When he faced opposition from the children or from those in the outside world, he didn’t take offense, he didn’t pay them back, he gave love and compassion. He showed tolerance, he merged their sanskars into his heart. To him, the children’s peace was his peace, their happiness was his happiness. He always placed them first. To surrender the worldly, perishable treasures is easy, but can you surrender the Godly attainments like Father Brahma?, asks Baba.

The Father says: When you surrender yourself, everything will be easy. If you do not surrender everything, but keep it to yourself, you will find it difficult. Therefore, the main method to make everything easy is to surrender. The more you children surrender to the Father, the more the Father also surrenders Himself to you. That is to say, the treasures of the Father automatically belong to those children. Why should it be difficult to give others the virtues that you have? To surrender and to inspire others to surrender is the business of Brahmins.


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