Make a donation and the eclipse of Rahu will be removed

Baba says, ‘donate your vices and the omens of the eclipse of Rahu will be removed‘. Make a donation and the eclipse will be removed.

The omens of Jupiter are the best omens of all. The meaning of the omens of Jupiter is success. There is success where there is unity and co-operation. There is co-operation and unity where there is love. Baba says, there were the omens of Jupiter over Bharat in the golden age. People in the golden age belong to the deity religion. In other words, everyone was a deity i.e. naturally loving, co-operative, compassionate. Their very praise is complete with all virtues,16 celestial degrees pure, completely viceless and righteous. Then, those same deities became impure and completely vicious and at this time, everyone is eclipsed by the omens of Rahu and the world is iron-aged.

Here’s the good news and the not so good news. The good news is that we are those deity souls- this is the awareness Baba gives us at this time. That is you!, He tells me. The not so good news, therefore, is that it is us that have become completely impure and living in the iron-aged world. But then, He says, everything new has to become old, everything pure has to become impure. Now, He says, make a donation of all the old, impure things and you will rid yourself of the eclipse and return to your original pure state.

To donate is to die alive. To die is to finish the old sanskars and become virtuous. You have to die to become co-operative with everyone, says Baba. Your slogan must be: ‘We’d rather die than move away from this task’. It is the old sanskars of ‘I and mine’ that get in the way of becoming loving and co-operative with everyone. So finish those sanskars, He says.

The mistake I make is that rather than focus on finishing those sanskars within me, I try to help others finish their sanskars. Baba says, look at yourself! When you change, others will be automatically inspired to change and the world will change. Always remember: One is myself, the second is the Father and there is none other. Yes, I will be able to see the sanskars of others but even while looking at them, don’t see them, He says. While seeing them, see yourself and the Father.

One of your powers is the power to co-operate and the memorial of this is of lifting the mountain. To give a finger to lift the mountain means to give a finger in removing your old sanskars. First of all, this mountain has to be lifted and only then will the iron-aged world change into a new world. You now have the awareness of who you are, of your praise, and your qualities, He reminds me. Now you must become an embodiment of that awareness. This is what makes you into the beads of the rosary of victory, He says.

The specialty of the beads is that they are united and threaded on one thread. They have love for the One, a constant stage and constantly follow the directions of One. So they are always one. They are all similar beads and so are all threaded on the one thread. So they are those who follow the directions of One and are united amongst themselves. They only have their mind on One. When there are directions from two – the Father’s, dictates of my own mind or of others- then, they become the beads of the second rosary, of 16,000, He points out.

You have to create such an atmosphere for that unity to be created, He teaches. For instance, when there is a difference in something, you have to have the power to accommodate that difference. When you accept other’s ideas, you are showing respect and you will come close to one another with that unity and become an example in front of everyone, He says. Each of you has your own specialties- now, just learn to look only at those specialties and you will become a special soul. Don’t ever look at anyone’s defects, He cautions. Even with the physical eclipses of the sun or the moon, they say that you mustn’t look at it, otherwise you will experience a bad omen. So anyone’s weakness is also an eclipse. If you look at it, even by mistake, understand, He teaches, that you will invite bad omens over you. You now have to become real gold, He says. If there is the slightest trace of alloy, that will be visible, it will suppress your specialties. So, change yourself to such an extent that it creates an impact on others. You have to change yourself at one stroke. Become detached and the attachment of others to you will also break.

This elevated confluence age is the age of awareness, says Baba. It is the time when you belong to God and change, once again, from shudras to Brahmins to deities. This is therefore the benevolent confluence age. It is therefore, also, the time of Jupiter for the children, that is, it is a fortunate time. You are fortunate, you belong to God, you are those who create fortune and you have a right to the fortunate new world. The Father says: Sweetest children, now become “Manmanabhav”.

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