A jewel of pure and positive thoughts

Baba says, ‘Become a jewel who has pure and positive thoughts for yourself and others‘. Don’t be influenced by thoughts of others.

Unless I have pure and positive thoughts for myself, I cannot have them for others. Unless I accept myself, I cannot accept others. At this time in the cycle, Baba reminds us, it is the kingdom of Ravan, everyone is impure and under the influence of vices. Therefore whatever actions I perform, they become sinful actions. Previously, when I didn’t have the third eye of knowledge, I hadn’t recognized that my actions were sinful but now I do. I come face to face with the biases, the prejudices, the selfishness, greed, the subtle anger, jealousy etc. within me. If I am not careful, I will spiral into negative thinking about myself: “I am weak, I am a bad person, I am not a good effort-maker, I will never be successful, I am not a conqueror of Maya…..” This is what Maya is counting on to happen. She wants me to live guilty, condemned, unhappy, rejected because that’s the quickest way to turn away from Baba. It is remembered that those who have non-loving intellects at the time of destruction are led to destruction and that those who have loving intellects are led to victory. To live condemned is to have a non-loving intellect. It turns me away from myself and my Father, and thereby, shuts me down from learning and growing; it stops my progress.

Baba says, ‘become soul conscious‘. In order to be able to accept myself during this process of purification, when I unlearn what I’d learnt in Ravan’s world, I have to become soul conscious; there is no other way.

The first step is thoughts of the original self.  Thoughts of the original self, Baba teaches, means to embody the awareness of, “Who am I?”.  To know the self as you are and how you are is to know yourself in your original, eternal and elevated form. To have thoughts of that original self is to be a powerful soul, teaches Baba. When I have weak thoughts, I am being body conscious and that only weakens me further and slows my effort. The self means soul consciousness. Thoughts of the original self means: “As is the Father, so am I, the elevated soul.”  Only those who have such thoughts of the original self can have pure and positive thoughts which in turn form the basis of good wishes. When I have good wishes for the self, then I will automatically have good wishes for others too.

Pure and positive thoughts means to churn the jewels of knowledge. It means to entertain yourself with the deep secrets of the Creator and creation, Baba explains.  

One is simply to repeat the points of knowledge and the other is to swim in the waves of the Ocean of Knowledge, to stay in the intoxication of that knowledge and play with the knowledge, says Baba. I am intoxicated when I go deep into each point of knowledge and experience it. When I play with the knowledge in this way, when I keep myself busy with pure and elevated thoughts, then I automatically remain distant from wasteful thoughts and thoughts of others. I will be so content that I won’t consider wasting even a second or a breath on any other thoughts. It’s similar to becoming absorbed when listening to music or listening to a good story. Here, I am absorbed in the music of the Murli of knowledge. I thereby remain safe from other thoughts, safe from Maya. No obstacles can come in front of me.

So, the first step is thoughts of the original, eternal self and then there are pure and positive thoughts. Such souls become those who have good wishes for others because those who maintain pure and positive thoughts day and night can never have any bad thoughts nor do they have bad vision towards others. When I see myself in my original form, my original sanskars emerge. Because the original sanskars and nature are pure, I naturally develop the habit of seeing and thinking of everything in a pure way – not as good or bad but pure, the way Baba’s attitude and vision is. I treat myself with compassion, and thereby I treat others with empathy and compassion. Even though I see weak sanskars of other souls, I don’t have impure or wasteful thoughts about that soul, such as: she is always like that anyway, he doesn’t have any knowledge; she is not worthy of knowledge; this one will not be able to follow the path of knowledge etc. Instead, the respect and love they experience from me allows them to accept themselves and move forward. It enables them to forget their weakness and remember their specialty and makes them powerful. It fills hope where there is no hope, gives zeal and enthusiasm where there is disappointment. I become a buzzing moth that constantly buzzes knowledge through my words, vision, attitude and behavior and uplifts others. This is called co-operating with others with good wishes and pure feelings, explains Baba.

Such souls with good wishes for the self and others are the true servers. They become the theists who love the Father very much and whom the Father also loves.  

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