He is KaranKaravanhaar

Baba says, ‘Shiv Baba is KaranKaravanhaar‘. He does and He inspires you to do.

This is Ravan’s world, Baba reminds me daily. There are challenges that we have to face daily. Baba has come to establish the new world, the kingdom of Ram and destroy the kingdom of Ravan. But it doesn’t happen as we would think- God doesn’t inspire the establishment of the new world from up above where we wake up one morning and the world has changed. He doesn’t wave a magic wand and change it.

He enters an ordinary body to meet with and speak to His children. He comes and speaks the knowledge – He reminds me of who I am and gives me His own introduction. He tells me the story of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. You have become impure living in Ravan’s world, He explains. Now, according to the drama, I have come to make you pure again and take you back home with Me. You will then come into the new world. He doesn’t just inspire, He also carries out the task Himself. He doesn’t just speak directions and leave either, He stays and sustains; He guides, He becomes my Satguru, my Companion, and Friend.

I am here to help you, empower you and enable you. I help everyone, He says. But you have to put in the effort as well. I will teach, but you have to study well. I will guide but you have to follow My directions accurately. I will fulfill every relationship but you have maintain all your relationships with Me. This, He reminds me, is a partnership between God, souls and the drama. At this point in the cycle, God is the only One Who knows the right way or the righteous way and He is teaching me that. He is teaching me about drama, how it works and by His own example, is showing me how to align myself with the drama. I have to learn, understand and follow.

When I understand this partnership, what each one’s role is, I will not ask God for mercy or for blessings because I know that’s not what He’s here for. Instead I will use Him the right way.

When I face a situation – that trouble at work, that illness, that family member that’s off course – I won’t say: ‘Baba, fix this situation’, or ‘Baba, get me out of this difficulty’. Instead, I will invite Baba into the difficulty: ‘Baba, show me the way through this situation’. I won’t want Him to just change the circumstances, I want Him to change me. When I know Who He is and how the drama works, I know that if this situation has come, it is here for a purpose. It has something I need in order to serve my purpose. So I don’t ask for the situation to be removed, I look to God to help me receive the delivery that the situation is making.

I use the situation or that scene in the drama and Baba to help my character come up higher, to increase my faith. If He were to get me out of every situation instantly, I would never reach my potential. He won’t put out every fire, instead, He promises to walk through the fire with me. When I walk through the fire with Him rather than battle it, or become afraid, I will come out unscathed, bolder, more confident, victorious. The only things that burn in the fire will be the strings of bondages, that were holding me back.

He is KaranKaravanhaar– He does certain things and He inspires us to do certain things. Am I asking God to do the wrong thing? He is the Ocean of Help but I need to know how He helps and how to take His help.

If I am asking Him to stop Maya from coming to me, to make the storms go away, that’s not something He does and it would be the wrong thing to ask for. Instead when I stay in His constant company, I do become Maya-proof. It is your duty to remember Me, He says. That’s where He performs the purification, where He shows me the impurities and gives me the power to dissolve them. My directions are my love, my blessings, He says. He is trying to teach me – how not to run away from storms and instead face them bravely, how not to be worn down by the opposition and instead be able to outlast the opposition, how not to carry the burdens of the past and instead shed the burden through loveful self-acceptance. Maybe I don’t have the training, the degrees, the experience but when I say, ‘yes’ to God’s task, He is here to equip me with the tools I need to succeed. He’s not going to get me out of doing something, He’s teaching me how to do it.

This is how He enables me to reclaim my lost sovereignty– my peace, my stability, the lost confidence, my freedom, my courage, my faith. This is how He makes me victorious. I now understand that this is the episode of the drama playing out at this point in the cycle, so I tune in and play my part accurately. I take the co-operation from my partners- God and the drama- to the fullest. Baba says, I am the Purifier but no one knows how I purify. They don’t say: Come and tell us the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama. The Father says: You have now woken up. By understanding the world drama, you become the rulers of the globe.

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