He alone is the Saccharine

Baba says, ‘I alone am the Saccharine‘. Simply remember Me.

The specialty of Saccharine is that unlike sugar, even a tiny bit is very sweet. It is concentrated. Baba is the sweetest of all because He never comes under the influence of Maya. He is always in constant realization, always unadulterated. He is always Ocean of all powers. He is the Ocean of all Virtues. He is concentrated, rich, so to speak, in all things good. This old world, on the other hand is concentrated in all things bad. It’s very name is the land of sorrow. Everyone is crying out in distress for one reason or the other because both souls and the world are impure. When my intellect is engaged in this world, I will remain distressed and it will only get worse. Baba says, ‘only remember Me, I alone am the Saccharine‘.

Baba is my Father, my Mother, my Teacher and my Satguru too; He is also my Friend, my Beloved, and my Companion; He is everything. When a child is in distress, it immediately thinks of and runs to its father and mother. That’s where it feels safe and secure, it feels that things are going to be okay, that it is going to be okay. While physical parents might falter, this Mother and Father gives me happiness in every situation, pulls me out of every mess, comes to wherever I am. Nothing I can say or do can keep Him away from me. In the great love stories, the lover feels alive when they are lost in the love of the beloved. This is my eternal long-lost and now found Beloved that I had been searching for half a cycle. And He doesn’t work through inspiration, He is a very much present here, and now. He says, ‘remember Me, remember that I am here with you’.

Maybe I am in a situation right now that is overwhelming- an illness, or a death in the family or a child that is off course, or maybe I lost a job, or my business shut down because of the pandemic. But if I look back on my life, I will remember that other situation, when I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it through but I did. I couldn’t see a way but Baba made a way. He gave me strength when I thought I couldn’t go on. He gave me a good break when I didn’t deserve it, had people be good to me, put me in the right place at the right time. I should have been stuck, broke, depressed, but He made things happen I couldn’t have on my own.

Those challenges not only prepared me for the present but now I have a history with God. So when I don’t see a way out, instead of being bitter, fearful or complain, all I have to do is remember. He is the Sachharine, He is the Mother and the Father. He has, is and will always be there for me. When I remember how He got me out of that trouble I got myself in, or how He got me through that crisis, faith will rise in my heart. He did for me once, He will do it for me again. Just as the past set me up with the fuel- the faith and strength – I need for the present, when I get through the situation I’m in right now, that victory is the fuel I will need to get me to the next peak in my journey. God takes me from peak to higher peak, from strength to strength.

You are learning how to rule your future kingdom, now, He teaches. That involves building faith in the self and others, determination, the courage to face, the strength of character, patience, maturity. Each storm comes bearing the gift of a lesson and a victory I need. When I learn to keep my stage unshakable and unmovable now, that is, when I claim that victory in the face of the storm, I will be prepared to lead in the future. Sometimes, when it’s been too long, doubt kicks in and I panic. Then I think that maybe I ought to go talk to a few people, ask for their opinion; make things happen. Let me remember that only God is my Teacher. I don’t need all the people I think I need. Let me have faith in both God’s ways and in His timing. Then, I learn to tune in, I train my intellect to become subtle and really sense what is going on, I learn to see with my third eye how things are moving and understand what I need to do. This self-reliance is a key part of being prepared for my future kingdom.

Sometimes I become weary -of doing the right thing when the wrong thing is happening. I ask myself: ‘how much longer?!, enough is enough!’ Maya tempts me to fall back into the old ways- get vindictive and pay people back, get angry and frustrated, manipulate to get what I want etc. Let me realize that this is a test, it is part of the purification process. If I don’t give up and stay committed to Baba’s Shrimat, the rust of the old habits covering the soul will be removed, I will develop a strength of character that will go with me into the golden age and beyond. You are not studying for this old world, He reminds me. You are studying for the new world. You become the most elevated beings by following Shrimat.

Baba says, ‘Those who have non-loving intellects at the time of destruction are led to destruction, whereas those whose intellects have love for the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, at the time of destruction are led to victory‘. To stay in faith is the sign of a loving intellect while becoming doubtful or weary is to have a non-loving intellect. Then, it becomes easy for Maya to drag me back to the old world, to defeat me. Both doubt and weariness will come, but I don’t have to let them defeat me. I have to actively stay in faith and the way to do that is to simply remember Him. Let me go back and replay the victories of the past, when God brought me through those difficulties. Let me remember how I kept on standing when Maya tried to take me down. When I remember God’s goodness, faith will rise. All it takes is a minute, sometimes, just a second and that connection with the Mother and Father fills the soul with confidence, peace, strength and security. He alone is the Saccharine, all it takes is a tiny bit to fill myself. But I have to cultivate this sanskar of remembering Baba, it has to be an active thing I do, it won’t happen on it’s own. Baba says: It isn’t that remembrance will become stable automatically just because you belong to Me.  No, Maya creates a lot of opposition and so you have to actively try to remember Me. For as long as you live, you must continue to make effort and drink the nectar of knowledge.

What I am learning now is invaluable. This is my inheritance for the whole cycle. How much I claim determines the quality of my life throughout the cycle. And it depends on the effort I make now, on the amount of faith I have now. The more love your intellect has, the higher the status you will claim, He teaches. He says, Manmanabhav!, this is the saccharine, the sweetest drop of knowledge; simply remember the Father. I have come to show you the way to the lands to peace and happiness, He tells me. When you remember Me, you become peaceful and happy.

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